1 million tesla robo taxis coming next year



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90,000 miles per year and your car is driving 16 hrs a day. Expected vehicle life is 11 years so close to 1 million miles for the life of the vehicle and this will happen in a year. There is thinking big, and there is being a fool and finally lying to people. Take your pick on what he is doing.


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?this guy Musk thinks he is ahead of autonomy when google is years ahead. 1st quarter resuslts for tsla coming in soon(they are bad) reason why he is showing these theatrics


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Make your kids human driver / robo driver etc but not uber driver these kinda news are for them as I see this technology working after 10 years.
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Everyone cash in on your retirement...

.18 cents a mile cost to operate

Charge 1 dollar a mile

Projected income 30k per year...
So midtown to jfk trips with toll and congestion charge would come out $26 for pax? ?


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Tesla can barely produce cars for customers at a regular pace, and you think they'll have million robo cabs? Elon Musk I respect you but bro keep dreaming. He should focus on producing enough cars to meet demands for his company which will in turn enable his company to produce electric vehicles at an entry level of 30k or so.