1.1 boost


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It's like tipping your restaurant server .10 cents...

More of an insult than an actual tip. It's Bull crap.

John Doeeeeeeee

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Sucks I wish they put a cap on new drivers for real. Lol no point in saying that though, that will never happen. You can only work certain times now if you want to really maximize earnings. Working those nights use to be money lol.


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Yeah ... 1.1 boost ... stay in bed ... have a beer ... watch the game or the rain ... yeah stay home and perform them wifely duties ...

Give the 1.1 boosts to all the tough talkin' mucho macho super duper Uber drivin' duuuhu-hu-hu-hu-hu-hu-huuuudes!!!

They'll take care of'em for youse all ... so just sit back, relax and enjoy the World Serious and watch Kevin Durant and Steph Curry destroy the NBA ... all's well ...
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