05/13/19 5:51pm lyft app not working?


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Did the app take a shit for everyone or just me? Been trying to cancel a no show for an hour. Deleated and re installed, and it still shows that ride as in progress


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Not just you. I picked up a shared ride. Was able to start my 1st one but not the 2nd. I also wasn’t able to end. Passengers said their app isn’t working either.


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I have the Contact Support or Safety Team window running in the background / browser when I drive. Enter your phone number and the system will call you right away. You may be on hold for 10 minutes, but Support can unchain you from any ride. The can also reset/flush the app from their end. Not that this would've helped you at that time, but calling can save you a lot of downtime. Always infer that the issue is on their end. They will often throw $5 your way.