$0.405/mi Express Drive (rental) rate pay card in Sacramento; is this permanent?


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So far, just shy of my first 24h since putting into driver mode, I'm 23 rides of the 130 for the $1.2k guarantee, averaging $5.88 per ride which I imagine will go up after the "rental rewards". I expect I will earn less than $1200 by the time I'm done with 130 rides.

I will try out Uber at that time

Thanks all for the feedback

You’ve made less than $1200 in 130 rides?


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Ugh. Don't do this for 40.5 cents a mile. That is basically slavery. You "earned" $67 in 7 hours but don't forget you also have to pay for gas. So really you probably made $50.

The sad thing is I think they are testing these low rates to see if they can cut rates to those ridiculous levels for everyone.


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You’ve made less than $1200 in 130 rides?
At the current rate, it'll be less than $1200. I expect about $300 from "rental rewards" over the 1.75-ish pro-rated weeks, and it's now been almost exactly 24h since I first seotched
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Oops, since I first switched to driver mode.

Total $150.62 in 25 rides/12h15m, $6.02/ride avg, meaning at this rate $782 + $300 = $1082, about $118 that Lyft would cover for guarantee...
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Yesterday was my first day of ride-sharing of any kind, using Lyft's Express Drive rental program.

Going into it I had my hopes up a bit seeing another poster quote a higher mileage rate for Express Drive than w/o, but in my situation (Sacramento) it is considerably lower (44% !!)

Base Rate$0.8625
Base Rate - Express Drive$0.8625
Cancel Penalty$5.00
Maximum Rate$300.00
Minimum Rate$2.17
Minimum Rate - Express Drive$2.17
Per Mile$0.585
Per Mile - Express Drive$0.405
Per Minute$0.1575
Per Minute - Express Drive$0.1575
Scheduled Cancel Penalty$10.00

Will the per-mile rate go up once I've paid off the rental costs, or is this permanent? Seems like I would be able to earn something like 33-50% more without the Express Drive, if factoring in "other bonuses" that rental drivers don't qualify for, not to mention being able to drive for both Uber and Lyft....

Being unemployed/no income for the past 6 months or so has turned my ~750+ credit score into ~550-, so this seems to be my only option.... Or is it?

My first 1.5 days stats are:

7 hours, 14 rides, $67.63 earnings.

At this rate, I will not be earning the "$1200 in 130 rides guaranteed", so I'm planning on doing the 130-ish rides and trying out Uber to see how it compares. Seems Uber might be a better fit since I'm not allowed to do other ride-sharing (Postmates, etc) in my Express Drive rental.
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$67.63 in 14 rides equates to approx $627 in 130 rides.
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(less than $10/hr, not to including cost of gas/rental... Could be as low as $7-8/hr after expenses)
If you rent from Lyft, the rate per mile is less than if you drove your own car, which the rate in Sacramento is 58 cents per mile.


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After 66 of the 130 rides for the "$1200 guaranteed", my stats look like:

$459.47 total earnings (after Lyft's cut) from 66 rides in 31h 49m.

Minus $171.70 pro-rated rental cost = $287.77

20 more rides will result in unlocking $75 more Rental Rewards. Any more rides past that won't earn me any other sort of "rewards bonuses" that I'm aware of. The RR total was pro-rated along with the rental cost, as previously mentioned.
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About $14.44/hr if you don't count rental cost or gas.

About $9.04/hr if you count rental cost but not gas. I don't have the receipts from gas handy but I think the total will be roughly $135 once I top off the tank to full tomorrow morning.

*** Meaning about $4.80/hr after rental & gas costs. ***

There are definitely some intangible values I gain from participating in this program in my current situation, but bottom line is that this is worth far less than minimum wage.
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The 66 rides/~32hrs were over a period of "2.5" days
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I plan on working up to 6-6.5 days per week for a while.

Obviously these figures/rates are not linear but gives somewhat of an idea.

Without this rental rewards crap, I expect earnings to be about 2x even after figuring in car ownership costs
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I meant Express Drive in the last sentence, not rental rewards


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Don't forget for that $4.80 an hour you are risking your life and your license. Also most people will be able to work in fast food at make about double that.


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Let's not be so dramatic with this "risking life" thing.

I don't plan on doing this forever as a career. Hopefully this will allow me to get to point B which a fast food job w/o easy access to a car will not allow me to do (the intangibles mentioned previously).

I realize this is far from as good as it used to be. I'm not bitter over that. I'm just evaluating the situation and making plans

Bob Reynolds

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One would have to believe that you can find something making more than $4.80 an hour within walking distance of your residence. Even the guys that hang around home depot in the morning looking for work are getting $15 an hour cash and being driven to the jobsite.


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Probably, but they 1) can't sustain it and 2) aren't given a car to drive for other purposes.

If it really sucks that bad, I'll find something else. But for the very moment, this works ok with my current plan. Just wish it paid a little better per mile, but oh well, I'll find other ways to improve, or adjust my plan accordingly