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    New Zello channel

    There's a new Zello channel where it's going to be strict industry talk with zero tolerance for bragging or outside talk. The room is Connecticut Transportation Network and the password is CTUBERLYFT203860.
  2. Jdemonto

    Zello CB app

    We need to create a channel for the forum! Could be more entertaining while driving at night! Ok now we can share live #intel,Q&A,freeway incidents etc I'll share more detailed info on #intel on the app Check out Zello CB app https://zello.com/app Channel:Rideshare Hub
  3. Michael - Cleveland

    New Zello channel for drivers at BLOSSOM MUSIC CENTER

    For drivers trying to connect with pax at Blossom, there's now a ZELLO channel just for that purpose. Download the zello app and look for the channel: "Uber/blossom music center" It's okay if riders use the channel, but it's really best for drivers who see pax's wandering around to be able to...
  4. Reversoul


    Let's make a zello channel for all of us Atlanta drivers. "What's zello?" Zello is an app that works like a walkie talkie. It's pretty cool. There are many "other" uses for it, but I think it would be cool for us to communicate while we're on the road. Download on android or iPhone. If you...
  5. Wyreless

    Started ZELLO Walkie Talkie Channel for Wash DC, Maryland & Surrounding areas

    I just started a ZELLO channel that is open to Maryland and DC Drivers and anywhere else in that vicinity (and anyone who may be interested) that will allow us to talk on our phones like they were walkie talkies. Some guys in New Jersey have been doing it and it works well for them. I listened...
  6. ManGo

    WhatsApp group for car seizure alerts / bad passengers / help from other driversdrivers

    Join the most active WhatsApp alerts group for Montreal and surrounding areas. We need more eyes on the road, and you receive help from other drivers as well. Details on our Facebook group: ubermontreal
  7. U

    Anyone in STL open to group communication through zello

    STL we need to organize and communicate with one another to help each other. I'm using this app called zello that will help us out in many ways. Download the app and look for uber st.Louis. it works . Just like the old Nextel push to talk. You can also use it as a group communication tool to...
  8. Michael - Cleveland

    The uber-loneliness of the sharing economy driver

    http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2016/feb/04/uber-protest-app-zello-sharing-economy February 4 2016 - The Guardian - by Nelli Bowles The uber-loneliness of the sharing economy driver The alienated workers behind Uber’s app are using other networks to communicate, saying they need the...
  9. PowerTrip

    ZELLO Channel Tampa Bay

    Check out the Tampa bay lyft channel on Zello http://zello.me/k/cMlYA Tampa bay lyft For Ridesharing DRIVERS ONLY
  10. Deedee2daxtreme


    Hello, Please join Rhode Island Uber Drivers facebook group and our Zello channel. We use Facebook & most importantly to abide by the no texting while driving laws, we use Zello, a walkie takie app, to network with fellow RI Uber Drivers while we are out on the road to help with surges...