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  1. W

    I need advice from experienced Yellow and Green Cab driver

    I am very new to Green Boro Taxi business and I was looking to see if I could afford one, I came across this post online ""Green Cab for sale with permit, Verifone metered,with plates. Toyota Camry 2012 SE, Leather seats,sun roof, Brand new tires (4) Just passed Inspection, with camera, Nice...
  2. D

    How can I get started on Yellow Cab?

    There are so many detail instruction on how to become an Uber or lyft driver all over the internet? But what about Yellow cab?
  3. TheSyndicate

    Everybody Pees (In Their Car)

    How frequently do you and what method do you employ? I always wear shorts with enough leeway to haunch forward on the seat and snake it out, relieving myself into an empty cup, and then holding onto it (lid attached) until I arrive at pickup. Crack the door, pour it out while waiting for...
  4. U

    clueless yellow driver

    Hi all. I am about to become a clueless yellow driver. I've done Uber, now I will be trying out yellow for a bit. I figure I'll start at the airports, otherwise I might be cruising hours without a fare. I have no idea how yellow works at the airports. I've seen their lot at jfk, but I have...
  5. Charlie Schwartz

    Doing yellow with bad driving record

    Lets say theoretically i was denied an uber rental due to having too many accidents. so i'm buying a vehicle of my own, but what can i do in the meantime? will yellow garages rent to me? what about green?
  6. Uberboyz

    I swear in God I saw a yellow with tlc plates

    Is it a kind of a joke? Saw a yellow Prius with signs "taxi", rates etc and ad cap on the roof driving on Brooklyn bridge around 12pm.Plates were like T900xxxC and TL&C signed on the bottom. Is it for real? Maybe that was a my overheated brain because sun was pretty hot today:eek:
  7. R

    Surging in orange zone??

    Ever since the new app was pushed out a couple of weeks ago, I keep seeing what I think are false or "ghost" search indicators in orange and yellow zones. Is anyone else seeing those? Are those truly false surge indicators or can you, in fact, get surge pricing in orange and yellow areas??
  8. plentyofpink


    How come sometimes when I accept a ping the the box with customers pick up address in the top upper left hand corner turns yellow and it chimes differently? What does it mean?