yellow cab

  1. Daniello

    How can I get started on Yellow Cab?

    There are so many detail instruction on how to become an Uber or lyft driver all over the internet? But what about Yellow cab?
  2. Lissetti

    Yellow Cab Promo

    Saw this in Burien today. I drove by and looked at the Taxi Ant's face. He looked mortified! Was it a Cabbie training video in the making or is Yellow Cab making a commercial to attract more drivers?
  3. N

    How does Jfk dispatch work for yellow cab?

    Hi guys i am going to drive a yellow can soon and am very nervous! Please can anyone guide me how dispatch system work at airport like jfk and how do taxis get in the line? Where is it located? Any tips for me to be better?
  4. Frank Underwood

    Avoid the Hood (Part 2, Yellow is smart)

    To prove a point, I did rides exclusively in the Bronx and Harlem today. For this experiment, I washed my car, vacuumed it, cleaned it out with lemon scented windex, everything perfect order. I deliberately picked up people from the projects and the hood. Guess what folks, my rating has dropped...
  5. Michael - Cleveland

    Yellow Cab Co. of Cleveland closing - 26 May 2017 Yellow Cab Co. of Cleveland closing after 90 years in business 26 May 2017 / CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The Yellow Cab Co. of Cleveland is shutting down after 90 years in business, a victim, the owner...
  6. Fostel

    Is Uber Killing the Yellow Taxi in New York City?

    I just found an interesting, short documentary...
  7. Charlie Schwartz

    Doing yellow with bad driving record

    Lets say theoretically i was denied an uber rental due to having too many accidents. so i'm buying a vehicle of my own, but what can i do in the meantime? will yellow garages rent to me? what about green?
  8. NYETA_

    How City of New York Sold Out Taxi Drivers and their Families to Uber

  9. valery

    Need advice, driving uber and quit my job?

    Hello All, well I am really considering leaving my job as a security supervisor for allied Barton in New York city.. the pay is alright, I am not really complaining but I am trying to get a job with flexibility , I was told uber driver make decent money, some people said they can't make less...
  10. NYETA_

    Uber’s Car-Free Day Hypocrisy

    Uber’s Car-Free Day Hypocrisy New Yorkers for Equal Transportation Access There is a “CarFreeNYC” rally today sponsored by, CM Ydanis Rodriguez, the chair of NYC Council’s transportation committee...
  11. Hstrynrd

    yellow cab

    anyone have a negative encounter with any yellow cab drivers? I was verbally assaulted last night picking up a rider. Guy stepped partially in front of my car and was accosting the riders for calling an uber, when the taxis were lined up in front of the curve. And then he started aggressively...
  12. PowerTrip

    Yellow Cab Drop off

    This is the best ride yet! Picked up an employee of Yellow Cab and took her to work. Fare was okay, NO TIP! Then going north on Air Cargo Rd about the time I got to the light (Hillsborough Ave) I got a ping for the Airport. That would be right across from the 7-Eleven. The one where...