xl drivers

  1. Pax Collector

    Drivers, you're not a U-Haul

    I was leaving my apartment complex earlier today when I saw this poor ant in his shiny Acura MDX helping a lady load a full size mattress, bed frames and a few other pieces of furniture. The most painful part, the lady saying "I won't keep you that long, we're only going to the Goodwill" (Which...
  2. BkS

    My uberwife letter to pax. Hope you guys like.

    Uberwife - What uber doesn’t tell you about your ride (or my husband, your driver) Getting a ride with uber is very easy. Open up the app, pick out the type of car, see the price and confirm pickup and your all set. Driver gets you from Point a to point b, maybe starts a little small talk by...
  3. BkS

    NJ to VA

    Last night I received an XL ping to Virginia from NJ. Tried the rider app and wouldn’t even show me rate pax would pay. However pax told me he would be charged $400 for trip. I declined because 14 hours round trip wasn’t what i was looking to do especially drive home 7 hours empty. Would any of...
  4. Mista T

    XL question

    Anyone do Plus or XL in pdx? I'm thinking of getting a used minivan to do it, since X rates suck. What % of your rides are XL vs X? Are you picky and only take XL rides or do you take whatever comes your way? Any solid info appreciated, thx guys and girls.
  5. warrior lady

    XL Drivers: Driving XL Only Tonight or Combination?

    I drive XL but only put on XL only option at sports games, concerts. I think I will try mostly having it on XL only but if there are lulls, then open to all options ( except pool). What is your game plan??
  6. jroger86

    How Uber’s new “Long Pickup Fee” is costing drivers a lot more than passengers.

    I wrote the article below in hopes Uber would respond. I’d love your thoughts and especially experiences too. As of right now my giant SUV will only hold 5 people, even though there are 8 seatbelts. That is because today I decided to stop doing XL trips in my capable vehicle. The “180 Days of...
  7. Queenofthepak

    Uber vs Taxi Still No Solid Answer

    I had a pickup at LAX, a family of 5, First thing mom says: "You mind if I give the kids cookies? They are hungry and won't stay quiet otherwise? I know taxi's usually say no food...". I tell her no problem (they were just animal crackers). She thanks me and tells me that's why they love Uber...
  8. PlatinumRSS

    Select/Premier/XL/Plus 9pm to 6am demand

    Does anyone only do Select/Premier/XL/Plus and drive at night full time in the Denver metro area? I am considering buying a used 2010 - 2012 GMC Yukon around $21,000 to drive Select/Premier/XL/Plus maybe LUX if its 2011 or 2012 and some regular pings on the right surge percentage. Is there...
  9. Kelton McNair

    Select & XL only help

    So I have a '17 4Runner. I qualify for XL and Select so I had an account created for those under my car. I know the system pretty well and was making 40$ an hour last week with all of the boosts and stuff. But now that I had this account created because of the lack of boosts, I'm struggling on...
  10. Slat90

    Just told a restaurant to go to hell Xl

    Now I just completely hate uber Xl when I see it. Never any 7 passengers going somewhere or airport no. It's just always gotta be some restaurant who wants to deliver 7 to 10 containers of food to some party few blocks away! I said no. I'm not gonna deal with that this is a passenger car and not...
  11. Slat90

    Today I made a decision about Xl

    I will not longer pick up anyone who is moving their bedroom to another 2 blocks. This is transportation business. People ans luggages at most. I'm not a moving truck!
  12. Queenofthepak

    Uber XL Idiots

    I just got a ping about 12 minutes ago to pick up a group at 8900 Beverly Boulevard. When I got there it was a group of eight young people. I told them that the maximum was six and they informed me that the Uber drivers always left them all getting one so they don't have to pay for two. I...
  13. B

    Anyone doing XL - if so, how is it ?

    Do you drive for XL ? Good money ?
  14. U

    New to Uber | UberSelect Feedback

    I just started driving this Saturday with Uber since I switched from a coupe to a 4 dr post flood. I've scanned the forum as well as just observed my experience. I didn't dig deep on Uber before signing up just figured hey why not since I have 4 doors now and want to bank some extra funds...
  15. M

    Uber Select Market in Montreal

    Hi everyone, I am a Uber driver for the past 8 month, been driving uber x and XL, but recently been thinking about get a luxury car for uber select. Uber doesnt want to share there data upon that plateform, or just that person was uninformed. So I would like to know what are the hourly...
  16. RIM

    XL Drivers

    I could not find any specific forum for Uber XL drivers. I have noticed considerable drop down in XL pings, anyone else had experienced the same????? Couple of pax have also complained that they do not get availability of XL rides and have to go for select etc or they simply order 2 X rides. I...
  17. Jim54729

    How Profitable do you think you are?

    After paying the Uber fee, and then putting aside 30% for taxes after that, I am profiting about a $1 a mile on average. Set aside .50 cents a mile to put toward your vehicle and now making around 50 cents a mile profit. I have a van, so not the best with gas mileage vs what some of the other...
  18. Alemix

    Follow up on SELECT&XL issue

    After countless times and emails asking Support why I had to spent 40K on a car and still getting X requests i got this answer: Thank you for your email, Ale. My apologies but we are no longer offering the exclusive uberSELECT or uberXL option since August 22nd, 2016. Over the last 6 months...
  19. Queenofthepak

    XL Drivers

    Heads up... I just noticed recently that I have been getting a lot of pings for pool requests when I'm logged in as XL only. Additionally, yesterday I got a ping for a XL, and when I arrived, it came up as a pool ride and in fact, was a pool ride. I spent all of yesterday and this morning going...
  20. danielNUber


    Uber promo to get ASU students cheap fares to last how many more nights? I drive nights only till 4 or 5 AM Thurs-Sunday. Been driving 6 months. Made it through Summer by upgrading SUV to 3rd row option for XL. EVERY TIME i work on effective placement for surge hikes and i do allot of waiting...