1. Marco Solo

    Does FAIR (Xchange Leasing) cover free brake pads?

    AFAIK, the Donlon maintenance program Xchange Leasing gave me only covers oli changes, filters & tire rotations. Does FAIR also cover brake pad replacements?
  2. New2This

    Xchange Lease car registration

    To everyone that's doing Xchange Lease: call or go to the DMV and double check your plates. I went to the DMV to renew my registration this month and got a run around. Basically when Uber sold Xchange Lease to the idiots (you'd HAVE to be an idiot to do business with Uber) at Fair.com, when...
  3. mghtyred

    BREACH OF CONTRACT - Xchange Leasing

    ANYONE who complies with this is giving up their rights. These actions constitute a breach of contract. DO NOT give away your rights. Talk to an attorney. "As you may already know, the existing lease contracts and vehicles of Uber’s Xchange Leasing program have been purchased by Fair. We will...
  4. ShawnsUber

    Uber Xchange Lease Warning

    Ok, so I haven’t posted in a while but something came up that I had to post about, if for no other reason to warn folks about what’s happening to me. So, I was one of the folks who was able to get Uber’s first tier (no previous drivers) lease. It was a Hyundai Elantra with 3 miles on it. I...
  5. mghtyred

    Xchange trying to hose you out of lease:

    Just got this email. DO NOT DO THIS!!! They are trying to shake everyone out so they don't have to settle later when they close down operations: Return your vehicle and get a $450 electronic Visa gift card You have the following option. Return the car, get a $450 electronic Visa gift...
  6. S

    xchange leasing accident! HELP!

    Hello everyone! After a busy night of picking up drunkies in LA and taking them home, I turned on the filter to go home myself, back to the OC. UNFORTUNATELY, on my way back home, I was on the 5 South and all of a sudden I was hit by a flying wheel. My poor little Prius was completely smashed...
  7. MarioAndretti

    Xchange Leasing BEST OPTION & WHY

    I Obtained a vehicle through Xchange idk if any of you have saw but they lost money & on their way out. WHY? It was a great deal for me. 1. LEASING A VEHICLE WITH NO MILAGE CAP. 2. VERY LITTLE DOWN PAYMENT 3. LOW WEEKLY PAYMENTS FOR A BRAND NEW CAR. 4. PAYMENTS ARE UNTAXED 5. AGAIN!! PAYMENTS...
  8. Vonn Wheatley

    My car was hit in a parallel parking place in ATL

    Hello. I have my car thru xchange leasing. And my insurance is thru Geico. My car was parked in a parallel parking spot in ATL. When I returned to my car I saw that it was damaged. I need to get in touch with someone thru xchange and uber. But am haveing a very hard time. My insurance already...
  9. TotalDoll

    Exchange glitch then car repo'd

    I called Xchange to make a pmt. After several attempts and several cards, they can't process my pmt reason being zip codes don't match. IMPOSSIBLE. Tried their website & same thing. Called again and rep declines to transfer me to a supervisor but tries to coerce me for my bank account # and...
  10. skip spence

    Questions about Uber Xchange leasing

    Hello all. i have been thinking about giving uber a try. i daily drive a classic car so i was thinking about trying the xchange leasing. so here are my questions. they say after 30 days you can give a 2 week notice and i can cancel. is it really that easy? or will they give me a hard time.. i...
  11. C

    Uber Xchange Leasing, Get out of Contract Keep Car

    Hi Everyone, I have a Nissan Altima still like Brand New that i leased through Uber Xchange last May of 2016, car has 39,000 miles on it, It almost paid for as i only owe $8,000, I have been paying on it each week out of my pocket. I contacted XChange leasing and they told me i could not pay...
  12. DontLease

    BAMA Lease Dont Do It

    $164+$12.95= $176.95(lease) +$100 over miles +$135.00 gas card= $411.95 per week then add insurance yes im broke im not kidding i love UBER and Bama
  13. Ridesharecares777

    Uber Financing?? Clearbanc loans?? Any luck?

    Hello Uber family.. I joined uber a little over a month ago. Phoenix did not have the xchange program yet.. so I opted for a "leasing" company for 325 a week. It took uber 2 weeks I get me cleared. Joining also with postmates, veyo and lyft.. after finally getting the hang of it And actually...
  14. S

    Xchange Leasing & City Stickers

    Hi Everyone, I just drove the Xchange leasing car home from the dealership and as I was parking, I realized there was no city sticker (I live in Chicago) on the windshield or even in the paperwork folder. Am I responsible for the city sticker or should they have provided it? I am asking here...
  15. black rhino

    Considering Uber through Xchange car leasing. Any advice out there?

    Total expenses per month, including gas, lease, and insurance, are $1200. That doesn't include Scotch Guard or car washes. Never done this before so I have a few basic dumb questions -- 1) If you drive 1000 miles a week, can it be profitable? 2) Is it possible to drive 1000 miles/week? 3) How...
  16. sddriverMW

    Xchange Leasing payment help

    Hi guys, So my first payment is due coming up and I am out of town. I havent driven enough to pay for the full lease payment through xchange leasing. Im having trouble paying my balance online. UBER gave me a link through Western Union Speedpay. But I dont have an account number set up or what...
  17. O

    Good Xchange lease dealers in San Diego

    Any recommendations on dealerships for the xchange leasing? Have a friend who is getting a car and didnt like the dealership she was sent to. Any good ones in San Diego or even Orange County?
  18. Michael - Cleveland

    Can you make "a lot of money" with an Xchange Lease for Uber?

    I would like to hear from anyone who has had an Xchange lease for more than 6 months: Are you making any money? What city do you drive in? What does the lease cost you? Yeah... I'm not sure we want to become a nation of migrant workers... and the Xchange lease program is available only in...
  19. ezperkins

    How much to expect for xchange?

    I was told yesterday that I qualify for xchange (if I do, who doesn't tbh). I'm wanting to get the vehicle this weekend, if possible. I can afford the $250 now, but will be left with not much until next Friday (payday for my day job). Are there any other taxes or fees that will be paid the...
  20. W

    EMT moving to Seattle March 1. Approved for xchange leasing. Questions about getting started!

    -------------------------------------------TLDR; how hard is it (how many hours monthly) to pay off a Prius C leased through uber xchange in Seattle working part time? And am I likely to make any money on top of this? ------------------------------------------- Hello, I am an EMT who is moving...