xchange leasing

  1. Marco Solo

    Adding new car to/for Boober: What can I expect?

    Looking to turn in my Xchange Leasing car for something less expensive monthly. Once I find a dealer who will lease me a car, will getting Boober to accept the switch in cars involve any delays or other problems?For those who took this plunge, did the transition go smoothly as far as Boober...
  2. Marco Solo

    Xchange Leasing (FAIR) skipping a month's billing?

    I've been paying for my leased car every week. But last week, my leasing payment account screen indicated that my next scheduled payment wasn't due until mid-August! Sure would be nice to save 6 weekly payments, but it seems too good to be true. I took a screenshot just in case. Today, the...
  3. mghtyred

    BREACH OF CONTRACT - Xchange Leasing

    ANYONE who complies with this is giving up their rights. These actions constitute a breach of contract. DO NOT give away your rights. Talk to an attorney. "As you may already know, the existing lease contracts and vehicles of Uber’s Xchange Leasing program have been purchased by Fair. We will...
  4. mghtyred

    Xchange trying to hose you out of lease:

    Just got this email. DO NOT DO THIS!!! They are trying to shake everyone out so they don't have to settle later when they close down operations: Return your vehicle and get a $450 electronic Visa gift card You have the following option. Return the car, get a $450 electronic Visa gift...
  5. UberMor

    Bye Bye Xchange Leasing

    A while back I looked into leasing a car from Uber instead of a dealer because the unlimited miles intrigued me. My credit is decent so I ended up getting a better deal elsewhere. That didn't stop Xchange Leasing from constantly emailing me. This is there latest.... Important update from...
  6. Wayward_mike

    Xchange leasing screwed me. Seek representation.

    Just got my car repossessed after making what I thought was 3 payments over 2 weeks to catch up the little I was behind. Stopped doing uber but a month ahold cuz I wasn't making squat. Got a delivery job that made decent money and tried to pay online multiple times. When it wouldn't go through...
  7. Johnnypipes

    VIP Party

    Hey guys! Guess what? I'm a VIP. I got invited to a Uber party so they can pitch a vehicle to me.
  8. P

    Uber and Xchange Leasing: Good or Bad?

    I have considered driving for Uber many times, however I do not own a car. I applied the other night to drive and in turn applied to see if I would get qualified to lease a vehicle. Has anyone else had an experience with Xchange Leasing? I am obviously leary since it would be a lease agreement...
  9. S

    What to do during Background process

    So I signed up to be a driver 4 days ago and am kinda of confused with the background process. I elected to use their Xchange leasing program and was approved almost immediately, but obviously I don't want to lease a vehicle before I know whether or not my background check comes back clean. The...
  10. K

    xchange leasing refund

    hi, i was sent an email monday saying they were sending me a refund. the refund was initiated on 3/31 has anyone else received this email? have you received your deposit? thanks
  11. Timberline63

    Xchange leasing and transmission failure????

    Has anyone dealt with a failing transmission less than half way through the three year lease on an Xchange vehicle? I'm told, being the second owner of the vehicle voids the 100,000 mile warranty on the transmission. Any recommendations /suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  12. New2This

    Problems for Xchange Lease Program?

    Is the appeal of Team Camry waning to car dealers? Are they shying away from the Xchange Lease Program? Reason I ask is whenever I log into my Uber dashboard it has a thing about how I'm approved for an Xchange Lease car (even though I've had one for over a year) and to click for list of...
  13. I

    Pay in Tampa for New Driver

    Ok so new driver here in Tampa and was thinking about either xchange leasing or buying a beater outright that meets the requirement of Uber. I saw a rep for Uber today in Brandon and was going to sign up for Corolla for $138.00 a week and 189. a month for insurance and was wondering if the pay...
  14. D

    $100 to find a Xchange Leasing contract

    My bro wanna be a driver of Uber Xchange Leasing Program. But I know little about it. Can anyone send me a copied contract to let me have a clear picture about this job? I think it would be great helpful for me to learn about this program and then I can make up my mind if my bro should be a Uber...
  15. S

    Xchange Leasing & City Stickers

    Hi Everyone, I just drove the Xchange leasing car home from the dealership and as I was parking, I realized there was no city sticker (I live in Chicago) on the windshield or even in the paperwork folder. Am I responsible for the city sticker or should they have provided it? I am asking here...
  16. Uoob

    How do i give uber xchange back there car?

    So I feel like I've been getting the run around.i called xchange leasing wanting to put notice in for returning the car.she gave me an email,which I used.it haven't heard back yet.I'm wondering has anyone here ever returned one of there leasing cars?and what steps did you have to take for them...
  17. Robertbob

    Xchange Leasing Program

    this xchange lease program is aweful. 680 a month (170 per week) plus over 100 dollars for insurance plus taxes ... I don't know who does this for two years and then buys a car they run into the ground ... then opts to buy the car with a shit ton of miles for 5,000 dollars after that ... but...
  18. Robertbob

    Xchange Leasing

    this xchange lease program is aweful. 680 a month (170 per week) plus over 100 dollars for insurance plus taxes ... I don't know who does this for two years and then buys a car they run into the ground ... then opts to buy the car with a shit ton of miles for 5,000 dollars after that ... but...
  19. 2Grlzdad

    Donlen Driver for Xchange

    Have any Uber Xchange drivers used the Donlen Driver app? It seems to expand your network of maintenance providers beyond the dealerships: "Go to one of the participating National Accounts locations, such as Firestone, Jiffy Lube or Goodyear. Please note, under your Xchange Leasing lease...
  20. Juliesage47

    Just curious

    I'm currently leasing a vehicle through Uber's XChange Leasing program in Seattle. I am considering relocating to another state. Does anyone know if I would be able to take the current car with me or if I would have to turn the car in and lease another one in the new state? Providing the new...