1. New2This

    Night Mode Map Changes

    I run only in night mode and just opened the app to see how little Surge was available. The background used to be black, so spotting Surge was relatively easy. Today everything was a grey background. Anyone else seeing this? This is what it used to look like.
  2. PioneerXi

    Worst Traffic Day Ever

    I started the day at 29.7mpg average per prior 50 miles. Airport to a Mission Valley= 40 minutes. Mission Valley to Gaslamp = 32 minutes. Gaslamp to Sports Arena = 27 minutes. Just after 18:00 set a new record low average per prior 50 miles. 17.1 It’s got to be 10 years since I’ve seen...
  3. Pax Collector

    Is that a gator in your pants or are you happy to see me?

    Legend has it she's hailed a few Lyft rides.
  4. wicked

    Uber Comfort LOL

    This is a catastrophe for drivers imo. Premium economy services are the worst. Passengers who subscribe to these services will be extra nitpicky too because they paid a couple bucks more. I'll just leave this right here: -Lowered rates from pilot program -10 min pax wait time -Be muted by...
  5. PioneerXi

    Fuel Jumped $0.18 overnight.

    Last night at 2130: $3.37 This morning at 0820: $3.55.
  6. UberManBingo


    Lady gives me money for the homeless guy but doesn't tip me one cent. WTF. He doesn't do shit. I should have dropped her off with him. Let him take her home. Must be I don't deserve a tip because my life is already so amazing...
  7. BuzzNJ

    This is interesting...

    I thought one starring a pax ensures you don't get paired up with them again? The other night I picked up a particularly ripe passenger who annoyed me from the get go by trying to sit upfront and talked with a heavy accent very loudly the whole ride, I made sure I one starred him because he...
  8. Cou-ber

    Proud Driver

  9. FUberEatsFuhrer

    Stacked order for different restaurants?

    Accepted an 8 min ping tonight. Instantly, another ping comes through but this one says 18 min. Figured it was a glitch in the time estimate and accepted. But nope it was another restaurant in the opposite direction. Map showed me driving north to the first pick up and then south...
  10. Kurt Halfyard


    You took us to the wrong address! 5*!! WTF? Hilarious. o_O
  11. notmyfavoritething

    2.4 boost in the middle of Atlantic ocean

    I was just wondering if everyone else got those messages today, or if it was just me.
  12. New2This

    And you thought the Reagan Airport TNC Pig Pen was bad

    Saw this as I was at the airport. Who waits in this shit?
  13. teh744

    What's up with the hand...

    I've kinda noticed something lately... when someone walks in front of you or cuts you off, you kinda get a half hearted wave... It happen a few times this week, but I really noticed it earlier this afternoon. Does this happen to anyone else?
  14. R

    How are everyone's OKC UberEats schedule?

    It is week 4/15/18 - 4/21/18. My UberEats schedule was jacked up this week. I 've only made 1/10th of what I usually make. All the surges are in the outskirts of town and late night, no lunch or dinner rush. Are other drivers in OKC experiencing this> I am aware that they may show different...
  15. FormerTaxiDriver

    Woman pooped her pants to hide drugs during arrest: cops

    Shannen Martin CORSICANA, Texas — Police say a Texas woman attempted to hide evidence during an arrest by defecating in her pants and using the feces to conceal drugs. Officers in Corsicana, about 55 miles south of Dallas, were investigating a report of a theft at a grocery store on Wednesday...
  16. GetShorty

    Cabbies are Crazy

    Was weighting for a PAX at the Richmond entrance to Saks and this young guy driving a cab pulls up inches from my mirror and starts screaming at me calling me various names and saying his family hates me and then right before he pulled away he said if it was night he’d kill me. I was like dude...
  17. Lifting

    Uber must've lost its mind

    They @@@@ing with me
  18. New2This

    Who is the 1 idiot?

    Which Team Camry and MENSA member is this? Seriously why would you sit in the Pig Pen when it's surging all around you? Don’t say the Soccer game because that got rained out.
  19. Kawiz03

    Bwi sharma stand

    Wow they really freaking did it its offically a freaking sharma stand at the bwi lot its become the wild wild mideast up there since airport cops never troll around....not a bad business model got give it up to Rohit living the American Dream
  20. Kawiz03

    "Working" BWI Queue

    So noticed the weirdiest thing while sitting at the BWI INS office two portly women walking around up and down "talking" to the drivers...sooo is this a thing now tricking out here like wtf is going on up here???