wtf moments

  1. RideShareJUNKIE

    Whats the Funniest/Strangest responses or quotes you have gotten from LYFT Support?

    I apologies if this is a silly thread, but this response i got today was a support issue regarding a cancel fee for a prescheduled ride earlier today. I gotten most of the typical highly energetic, positive, and homogenous responses. This one was both a WTF and Hilarious moment for me. I feel...
  2. B

    Post your WTF moments.

    So I'm working veyo yesterday and I drop off a guy at a behavioral health clinic. I get the return trip and I have to go into the waiting room and yell out his name. He says he'll be right out so I open up my car door and wait in the car. When he comes out and gets in I notice that he's not...