wtf ?

  1. Dronevangelist

    Uber just threatened me to deactivate me because I am submitting false GPS location Data Urgent Plea

    Uber just sent me a message that they will deactivate me immediately if they detect Again I am using false GPS location Data? WTF!! Then contacted support in the Philippines, and was told I need to turn over my phone for analysis immediately to the Uber Greenlight Hub. Privacy issues. I have...
  2. Arriel

    Ummm...where's the morning rush surge?!?!?

    So for the 2 weeks there have rarely been any surges! Wtf is going on! I'm making no money... I do this full time and now I won't be able to pay my bills this month!
  3. tohunt4me


    Once again,highest SURGE is in the middle of the River ! Get on out there and make $$$.