wrong rider

  1. R

    Another driver took my ride

    I had a pickup at a hotel. There was someone waiting for me, but when I verified the name, it was someone different and they said someone else in a similar car picked up my rider a couple minutes ago. I cancelled my ride as a "passenger not here", told the person waiting to cancel their ride and...
  2. B

    Beware of "Madison" from Woburn.

    Picked up "Madison" in Brighton Center the other night. Per usual I confirmed her name.."Madison" and that she was headed to Woburn. Asked if she had a preferred route and she said no. Took her 90W to 95N. Along ride I heard her mention her phone bill was over $400. Nothing out of ordinary...
  3. Kinski

    New Trick to Ripp off drivers?

    I had a young girl today, I picked her up from her single family house. The address was preset because I had the destination filter on.. I am sure I confirmed the name, on the way when she acted little strange looking at me and then away, but I still squeezed out a short conversation with...
  4. U

    What to do when picked up a wrong guy(cheater) and completed trip?

    Mostly I asked the name of rider when I pick up. I picked up wrong guy (with one girl and guy) for 28 mile trip at 1.5X for 30 min duration. When I asked are you XX, he said yes and got in the car( I always ask name, not tell).When I started the trip, the address was different than he wanted to...