wrong location

  1. J

    Wrong Pickup location

    Yesterday I had 3 requests that had the wrong pickup location. One I showed up and the PAX contacted me telling me they were somewhere a couple miles away, told him to cancel and resend request. 2nd one called and were only a mile away, I told them to reset their location and I would pick them...
  2. Cowboyup

    Uber app sending out wrong addresses...again

    It was most notable last night. I received back to back wrong addresses for pickup. Noooo it wasn't my phone or app itself. I confirmed with 6 passengers and they were having problems with Uber drivers finding them just to find out Uber app was sending out wrong p/u address to drivers. I sent...
  3. Libertyfare

    Drunk + Pin Drop Location = wrong addy

    I am so over drunk 20 and 30 some things. Text to confirm location after I arrive. Drunk kids call telling me they were in the club when they used the uber ap and am I near them. No, I wasn't, I was way North Raleigh in an industrial area. Had to cancel the ride. On the up side picked up a...