1. Mkang14

    😲WOW you have how many WOW😲

    How many wows 😲 do you have. Do you have more then me?😲 Something very special is about to happen.... About to hit 1000 useless 😲 😲
  2. New2This

    Putting Things In Perspective

    Normally I am the resident assclown and Mr. IDGAF but yesterday had a ride that got to me. I finished my day stuff early afternoon and headed downtown to try to get some rain Surge. Get to my perch, set DF and all is well. In comes a $9.50 ping (allegedly on the way to my destination) and off I...
  3. Djhuber63

    Car wash extras?

    No! I don’t want extras, just a bloody car wash!
  4. E

    It's getting worse.

    Took 51% of the ride total. I tell Pax all the time that they need to leave earlier or Byrd or Lime like 4 blocks away. I do wish I had more of that fare ofc, but robbing these drunks blind should come from the guy listening to and smelling these people. Just crazy
  5. YouEvenLyftBruh

    ATL Officer Resigns After Dragging 65yo Female Lyft Driver From Car

    "You're not in charge. Shut the F up and get out of the car." Georgia police officer resigns over treatment of woman during traffic stop - CNN Alpharetta woman, 65, dragged from car during traffic stop, officer...
  6. RideShareJUNKIE

    Whats the Funniest/Strangest responses or quotes you have gotten from LYFT Support?

    I apologies if this is a silly thread, but this response i got today was a support issue regarding a cancel fee for a prescheduled ride earlier today. I gotten most of the typical highly energetic, positive, and homogenous responses. This one was both a WTF and Hilarious moment for me. I feel...
  7. ubergirl182


    So Driving last night I get a ping and hit okay... Its send me 14 miles to a outer city. for 3.75 fare.... Of course there is no ride back... I wasted over an our for 3.75 this should be criminal and of course support justifies it. They have done this to me more often then not sending me to...
  8. Y


    Hello i filled out for Uber about a week ago 3 hrs ago i got an email from checkr about my background check. I have a felony charge of aggravated assault and wrongful imprisonment. While you maybe laughing as to why i would bother filling out for this job this crime happend 22 years ago when i...