1. DollarFree

    Hmm, let me see now...

    What could it be?
  2. tsmit44

    UberEats Pay Rates

    In Case You Didn't Already Know Pay before Uber fees Pickup: $1.25 Drop-off: $1.00 Per mile: $0.65 Per min.: $0.09 Uber gets 35% of the total fees. Pay After Uber Fees Pickup: $0.81 Drop-off: $0.65 Per mile: $0.42 Per min.: $0.06 Sample: A 1.28 mile delivery that takes 16 minutes and...
  3. KenJ

    New UberXL Driver Here

    Hi All, I'm a new driver on the UberXL category and want to learn what I should know from the experiences of UberXL community out there. Especially, I'm interested in knowing their take on doing UberX trips using UberXL vehicle. Is it worth it and financially feasible? What happens if I serially...
  4. BurgerTiime

    An Expert in Valuation Says Uber Is Only Worth $28 Billion, Not $62.5

  5. S

    Thinking about leasing a car to drive for Uber

    This has been posted before, but it is already outdated so I'm starting a new one. I'm a uni student here in Sydney who wants to make a good amount of cash since I cannot get a job related to my studies since these people want someone experienced in the field. A friend recommended driving for...
  6. Jpar73

    Rush hour

    I'm mostly driving in the Ft. Worth area rightnow. I was thinking about going online formorning rush hour. Where would be a good area to focus on?