1. J

    Trouble going online for the first time 'Mackay Driver'

    hi everyone!. since i have signed up to driver, the app has never allowed me to go online. it comes up with a message 'your account needs attention'. Now, my issues is with the support team. I have allow my documents perfect and the support has clarified on 4 different phone calls that its all...
  2. BurgerTiime

    Sex offender has active Uber account
  3. LucasG

    Driver Partner App Not Working

    I downloaded the App signed in and shows all my info, but when i go online i didnt get any requests for 2 hours, also i didnt show up as a car on the rider app. is there something wrong with my account or something missing making it not work? i want to drive out side of DC in NOVA but it isnt...
  4. C

    Thinking of becoming an Uber driver in London

    Hi, I'm already working for a London private hire firm but sick of not getting enough work in return. Anyone tell me how much I can earn and if its worth it? Already working a 50 plus hour week but not making the cash. Is Uber the answer, I bloody hope so ha?
  5. AdeYeah


    I just got an O1 Visa, to work for a company. I have a Social Security Number that only allows me to work through that company, but I want to drive UBER. In a way, it´s not legal, but UBER does not care for that, as long as I have a SSN. The issue here will be when the taxes como, inmigration...