workers compensation

  1. BurgerTiime

    Texas Uber drivers sue company seeking full employee status, back pay Uber considers drivers to be independent operators, but a federal class-action lawsuit filed Friday in Houston charges that the company's grip on them is so extensive...
  2. Emily Reid

    Your health and safety as a driver matters to us.

    Flu. Vomit. Accidents. Fatigue. Harassment. You or pax gets sick or injured. You have health and safety concerns as a driver. We want to hear directly from you. This is a study on the health and safety of UberX drivers and passengers. We are asking drivers to participate in focus groups in...
  3. Fireguy50

    Did Workers Comp screw up my taxes?

    I have a full time job, and I drive about 2 hours a day 3 nights a week. I got hooked by the Uber lie, and quickly gave up, but continued when I learned that Uber deductions help my tax return. However, I'm now on Workers Comp this year, and the benefits are not income, it is non-taxable. I...
  4. UberDriverAU

    We Are Contractors ... Or Are We Really Employees

    Well this could get interesting. I wonder if Uber has had a play with the ATO's Employee/Contractor Decision Tool?
  5. chi1cabby

    UberRUSH | Uber is killing the bike messenger

    Bike messengers say Uber is flouting state labor laws and killing their business
  6. KevinH

    How Barbara Ann Berwick Won Her Case For Expenses and Unemployment Benefits

    The attached PDF file is part of the materials that Barbara Ann Berwick provides in her "Ridesharing School" to teach other Uber drivers how to be classified as an employee in California by the Employment Development Department or the Division Of Industrial Relations. Such a classification can...
  7. chi1cabby

    Uber will pay $77,925 fine to Alaska state workers' compensation division