1. UberPotomac

    Gas prices @ Woodbridge VA

    I hope that helps some members. 2.44 Gallon Credit
  2. J

    Attention Woodbridge Uber Drivers

    I have a small at-home business here in Woodbridge. Problem is, my supplier is at Spadina&College and I would have to get a supply every now and then. If anyone is willing to negotiate with me to pick up my supply and drop it off my address at the end of your shift on your way home. Let me know.
  3. JerseyBoy911

    Yesterday at Metro Park Station

    The parking lot attendant knocks on my window and says "Uber is illegal in Woodbridge Township, don't pick up at the taxi stand, pickup at the drop off area..cops will give you a $1000 ticket here" I told him, it's illegal in New Jersey too ;-) then showed him my badge " I don't care if you're...