1. Meghann2185

    No surges + decreased rates??

    No surges showing on the map the past couple weeks...? I know there were surges because I was paid for a few last night when I looked at my fare details. They just aren’t on the map. They are also multiplier surges instead of the usual dollar amount we usually have. Anyone else in Wilmington...
  2. BurgerTiime

    Uber driver charged with taping sex with passenger

    Gerald William Smelson, 72, is charged with felony secret peeping http://www.starnewsonline.com/news/20180308/wilmington-uber-driver-charged-with-taping-sex-with-passenger NEW HANOVER COUNTY -- A Wilmington Uber driver has been charged with peeping after allegedly videotaping himself having...
  3. RaleighUber

    Wilmington PD demand Uber driver stop filming

    check the video (Long): Shorter summary (1 min): Uber driver Jesse Bright was pulled over by police in Wilmington, North Carolina They ordered him to stop filming and claimed there was a 'new law' banning it Mr Bright is also a criminal defense attorney and knew there was no such law A police...
  4. MetroDriver

    Any feedback on Wilmington DE?

    I was wandering what was downtown Wilmington like during the day evenings .. wknds ... on U/L ... There's no City listing for it on the Forum here and I'm sure there's a network of drivers there of some sort I tried Wilmington a few months back ... on a Sunday morning , but this was when...