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  1. BkS

    My uberwife letter to pax. Hope you guys like.

    Uberwife - What uber doesn’t tell you about your ride (or my husband, your driver) Getting a ride with uber is very easy. Open up the app, pick out the type of car, see the price and confirm pickup and your all set. Driver gets you from Point a to point b, maybe starts a little small talk by...
  2. BurgerTiime

    Man shoots wife durning Uber ride

    http://m.seattlepi.com/local/crime/article/Report-Man-fatally-shot-wife-during-Queen-Anne-11264500.php CRIME Report: Man fatally shot wife during Queen Anne Uber ride THE COUPLE WAS REPORTEDLY ARGUING IN THE CAR WHEN THE MAN FIRED THE SHOTS Lynsi Burton, SeattlePI | July 3, 2017 Cameron...
  3. tristaanrae

    Can my wife drive uber using my account?

    I work a full time job and my wife loves to drive. I signed up for uber but she would like to drive a few hours to see if she likes it. The process for me has taken a week and she is looking a job asap. My question is does anyone check to see if the uber driver is the actual driver? She will...