1. S

    Why is the Volvo XC60 not Select?!!

    I'm in Los Angeles, and can't understand this. The XC60 is more expensive, larger and more luxurious than Volvo S60, BMW X1, and Audi Q3, which are all on the Select list, and is on par with BMW X3, Audi Q5 ... so how does it not meet the requirements for Select? It has leather seats, is...
  2. Lissetti

    Bow down ants, and accept your new Queen

  3. zselonika

    Uber Pool No Good

    So I'm new to this whole rideshare thing. I had an out of state license when I first started and I could only pick up in MD and VA. I got an MD license and now I can pick up in DC. Since I've picking up in DC, I've noticed way more POOL bullcrap. Let me tell you. I was doing decent leaving...
  4. infinique

    Here’re the reasons why Grab’s unsatisfactory for drivers

    1. Caveman technology. Don't even have built in ERP toll deduction. Driver have to manually key in toll amount after end of trip. Grab customers like to chat a lot with the driver towards the end of trip. Verdict? Constantly subsidizes ERP toll for customers. When call Grab support to add credit...
  5. SMH Uber

    Why does Uber make changes to the wrong features in the app?

    This is pretty much a rhetorical question. BUT! Now that the number changes evertyime, the number changes and I doubt I will be pickup calls I don't know. Or typing in the new number to my phone if I need to call pax . I use another phone to receive calls from pax. Clicking through the in app...
  6. HJWindermere

    5X Surge Early Monday Morning

    Is there a reason that GVR is surging so high at 1:35am? I haven't seen a 5X in a while, especially in this somewhat desolate area. Maybe a flight came in late, a concert, a riot? Has anyone cashed in up there?
  7. J

    Instant Pay Gone

    So I use my own Android based phone when I'm driving. I like to root my phones/devices all the time. I like when an app shows that it has an update. I enjoy going to the Google Play Store and finding a brief summary of why an app's developer decided to update their app. Does Uber ever do...
  8. CDaniel76

    "The Reasons Why" email from NOLA Uber today.

    I got an email today (yesterday now) about NOLA Uber "hosting partner feedback sessions in the New Orleans office and almost all the questions in the session start with 'Why...'" A link was provided in the email for any partner to submit their own questions... "We'll compile the most common...
  9. JasonB

    Farmers Insurance Open

    I've gotten no less than 4 notifications from Uber over the last couple of days telling me that I should hurry out to the Farmers Insurance Open because there are going to be plenty of rides available. Anyone rushing over to sit through that traffic nightmare to give golfing pax rides back to...