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  1. Bozewoman

    Where the heck am I going?!

    Okay, I'm new to Uber and have only done it about a dozen times. Forgive me in advance if it's something stupid I'm missing or if this topic has been addressed already. (I did a search and didn't find anything.) When I get a Ride, I'm not told where I'm taking the rider. I get a notification...
  2. zarevna

    Where/ When?

    Started working a couple of weeks ago. Had great Fri/ Sat night $$$, around Buckhead and Midtown. Unfortunately, on the regular days I just have no idea where to go to at least get customers (sometimes I just drive around and wait for more than 30 mins...). Where would the masters recommend me...
  3. W

    2010 Toyota Camry Hybrid - Where to service?

    Hi Uberpeeps, Older Camry hybrid owners, wondering where you guys take it for servicing got my car 1.5 months ago, - 2010 model - 83179km on it. - Sydney / western Sydney. Thanks in advance
  4. Cou-ber

    10:21 Friday Night & Nothing

    wtf Been online almost an hour and am in montrose. Who's getting pings and where are you? I gots kids expecting a Christmas. At this rate, they'll just get evicted.