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where to drive

  1. ladyroyal

    New driver in Jax where's the hot spots Fri-Sun

    Hello everyone I'm new to the city just moved her from up north. I am trying to maximize my earnings here since it is so different then driving up north. Can anyone point me to where I need to be driving and times. I'm finding it hard to make 100 or more a night throughout the week here like I...
  2. G

    Where to drive around St. Petersburg early in the morning.

    I'm trying to drive from around 5:30am to 4:00pm Monday - Friday. Any advice about areas to hit and avoid? I guess my target is the working people and students at those hours. Thanks!
  3. Patrick Swayze

    I'm moving to the Bay Area. Where should I move to and what are the best places to drive?

    Hi, I'm new to the Bay Area and just wanted some help getting a grasp on the Uber situation around here. Currently, I drive full time in Denver and I'm just kind of moving out to the Bay Area for the hell of it. I plan on driving full time here once Uber switches me over to CA. I generally...