1. Waqar

    FHV Driver useful stuff

    Taxi/fhv Relief stands https://www.dropbox.com/s/oamc431wbi8su7l/Taxi%20relief%20stand1.pdf?dl=0 Police precincts of NY https://www.dropbox.com/s/ldt4c6iu4hn8cfy/Police%20precients%20of%20ny.pdf?dl=0 Red light + speed cameras...
  2. D

    whatsapp group

    hi everybody I came from Miami I've been there for more than one year making uber and lyft and 4000 rides, now I'm in Houston and I wanted to know if you have here a whatsapp group because over there it works to share information in real time, my number 5 if you have one invite me
  3. App Reads Msgs Aloud!

    Do you use your phone while you are driving your car? (Other than Uber.)

    Other than the Uber app, do you use your phone to text, email, check WhatsApp, Facebook etc, while you drive? If so, do you feel guilty doing so? Check out this powerful video: http://bit.ly/2seOmHm
  4. ManGo

    WhatsApp group for car seizure alerts / bad passengers / help from other driversdrivers

    Join the most active WhatsApp alerts group for Montreal and surrounding areas. We need more eyes on the road, and you receive help from other drivers as well. Details on our Facebook group: ubermontreal