1. eeg0031

    Protecting yourself: What do you carry with you?

    I'm interested to learn what you guys keep in your cars to protect yourselves in the event a passenger gets weird, and why you prefer that particular item. Taser? Firearm? Pepper spray? Baseball bat? I personally keep a taser to hand at all times. I feel more comfortable using it in the small...
  2. B

    This is who drives for base rate

    This guy drives for base rates.
  3. SideHustleGig

    Why I love driving WITH Uber, how about U?

    Life so hard when Some PAX can't stop flow of diarrhea from mouths for like even 10 mins and ask my favorite thing about driving Ubers. What is yours? Here's some of mine. 1. I'm sadomasochistic so no need to tip, I'll take care of that after I drop you off. 2. They don't drug test. I'm...
  4. 2CV750CC

    so here is a slightly strange one

    had a pickup from a decent part of town close to Burbank, nice homes etc teens get in the car and off we go they are the usual teeny stand offish typical teens, nothing unusual they want to stop at the super market one of the guys walks back out as if he had a gun in his pocket gets in the...
  5. Driverx19

    What's the strangest pickup you've ever had?

    I'm sure we all get strange pickups from time to time. Had a weird one last night. Last fare of the night I get a ping in Tinley Park about 8:00, Quality Inn Suites, Pax gets in the car but no destination is listed so I asked where to, He says he's figuring out a destination and asked if I could...