weekly summary

  1. Mista T

    Weekly stats, round 4

    Jan 22th thru 28st Rides Uber 59 Lyft 57 In app tippers (not $) Uber 10 Lyft 29 (*) Cash tippers (not $) Uber 6 Lyft 2 (*) Surges at 50% or greater NONE on either Paid cancellations Uber 4 Lyft 1 Accept & Cancel ratings Uber 81% & 5% Lyft 87% (*) one Lyft tip was a pax that tipped cash...
  2. Mista T

    U vs L, weekly stats, round 2

    Jan 8th thru 14th Rides Uber 66 Lyft 65 In app tippers (not $) Uber 14 Lyft 28 Cash tippers (not $) Uber 4 Lyft 4 Surges at 50% or greater NONE on either Paid cancellations Uber 6 Lyft 0 Accept & Cancel ratings Uber 84% & 8% Lyft 79% Lost item fee Uber $15 Lyft n/a ------- Week 2, looks...
  3. UberZF

    Weekly Summary - Only on Thursdays?

    So, Uber announced that they are discontinuing the Weekly summary emails, and moving them to the app. However, it seems they are only available on Thursdays. Am I missing something? I cant even see the most recent weekly summary.
  4. hamhai

    missing trip history from weekly earnings

    I'm missing a trip from the weekly earnings page. has this happened to anyone else? i cant find anything about the trip from huntingdale station to darling st, south yarra with an added destination totaling around 23kms and 40min traveling time. i checked my dashboard but nothing there too. any...
  5. Ben105

    Weekly summary

    Anyone get their weekly summary? I usually get mine on Tuesday, but didn't receive mine this week. I've checked my spam folder as well.
  6. DrinkCraftBeer

    Question abt Summary Chart

    Hello, I emailed support.uber about this, but alas have yet to hear back; also, I am willing to bet they are going to evade my questions with indirect/off topic responses. Soooo, I am asking you shiny happy people: In my weekly summary, there is a graph of the busiest hours in my area each...
  7. UberMeansSuper

    If Uber Sent Pax Weekly Summaries

    Hi, [passenger name], Thanks for being a valued rider. We want to make it easy for you to be a decent human being and make your interactions with our partners as enjoyable as possible. In this e-mail, you'll find: 1. How to not be a @@@@@@ 2. What your drivers said 3. Detailed results from...