weekly pay

  1. LosAngelesUberDriver

    Full-Time Weekly Earnings Potential

    Hi all! I have been driving for Uber for two years full-time in Los Angeles e.g., based out of West L.A./LAX and driving as far south as Disneyland and as far north as Lancaster/Palmdale. My regular earnings (minus tips) were $100.00-$150.00/day. This is based on a 12-hour day and having gotten...
  2. rr5252

    should i go forward?

    i live in nyc and was thinking about getting my tlc license to drive for uber. i plan to only drive for a few months and to rent a vehicle. i also plan to drive for about 40-50 hours per week. is it worth it? i cant seem to find a solid rate and whether it would be worth it or not. i dont want...
  3. K

    Weekly deposit / express pay

    First of all, sorry for my English I'm just learning right now and my grammar sucks! I drive for lyft, and the Last week I did not to push on "express pay" , I decided to wait for the weekly payment, but this one, doesn't show up yet on my account. Yesterday I made 160$ and decided to get paid...
  4. Phonepeddler

    Trying to improve efficiency. Add your two cents!

    After reading this morning I'm wondering if I am making the most use of my time. I live in Silverlake so I don't have to travel far at all to start working each day. This morning I left at 7 a.m. did not get a pax until 7:30 with absolutely no surge appearing in Koreatown except for the promo...
  5. KeJorn

    Week of Aug 17-23

    Week of Aug 17-23 Total hours driving = 50 UberX Payout: $807.62 Gross Fares = $996.80 (SRF / Hidden Airport Fees* NOT included) Online for 44 hours (some overlap) Trips = 62 Cancellations = 4 Tolls paid: $50.86 Lyft Payout: $155.74 Gross Fares = $203.12 (SRF / Hidden Airport Fees* NOT...