weekly guarantees

  1. Initial D

    Question about Lyft Weekly Guarantees (giving rides above the required amount)

    So I have a quick question about weekly guarantees. I know that they guarantee the drivers that they will make x amount of money if they give y amount of rides (If not, Lyft will cover the remaining differences). Lets say my weekly guarantee was $195 for 20 rides and I have given 20 rides but I...
  2. ya mon its me

    Uber pool: Is each pick up considered "1 trip" as per the 25 trips for the weekly guarantee?!?!

    I need to ask you!!!!!! when you are on Uber Pool, is each pick up considered an individual trip!?!? I need to make 25 trips during peak. If I picked up a pool with 3 separate pick ups, is that considered 3 trips!??! I need to know! Please reply ASAP!!! I looked at my completed trips and it...
  3. M

    Uber Weekly Guarantees not paid 10/24-28

    I'm in a battle with Uber. They sent me a invites to both weekly and weekend guarantees last week. I pounded the weekly and then they tell me I was not invited to the weekly but got paid on the weekend. I have screen shots of the weekly invite and response confirmation. All I get is the run...
  4. RachelD

    Weirdness this week in Uber communication

    NVM. I decided to not have this on here. It's Homecoming in Stillwater!