1. Lissetti

    Pride Weekend Pending, and Flat Surge...

    These days are gone. What ya gonna do? Work it or wait and see? I might creep back out, Uber is sending me text messages daily. I got an idea of a strategy...
  2. saphirre12

    OC quest

    Hi , can someone show your OC quest for the weekend plz ? I just want to know the quest right now . If you don't have the information , please don't post stuff like stop driving for uber , uber sucks , negative things blah blah blah ... Thank you
  3. FormerTaxiDriver♧

    This is what a Friday looks like going to Nashville

    Time and Miles Closer view if Nashville
  4. DrinkSoda

    Demand drivers for Saturday evening

    With Halloween being on Wednesday and also last weekend’s Halloween parties I think a lot of people took last night off from going out and about. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the below has the potential to trigger extra surge later. Later today/tonight: ND vs NU 6:15p at Ryan Field Bulls...
  5. Kitsune57

    How much do you average on weekend nights?

    I'm just curious, because I'm a broke college student and want to start doing uber on weekend nights and trying to figure out how much I can make.
  6. Chuleys


    Lately I have been receiving a number of promotions or "quests." At first it was awesome because I am very goal driven so an example of one was complete 25 trips and receive an additional $30.00 between Friday 4am and Monday 4am. This past weekend I received complete 45 trips and receive an...
  7. B

    Former driver gave me Naperville/West Chicago,IL Uber Advice is he right?

    Hi, so I have been driving for Uber/Lyft for about 7 months now. I work 5 days a week Tuesday-Saturday 8 Hours a day. Weekdays 3pm-11pm and weekends 8pm-4am. On my weekdays I always make $160 and weekends I’ll get $200. Aka $880 a week not counting promotions because I wouldn’t always earn them...
  8. D

    Have you ever felt like Uber was somehow intentionally stopping you from hitting your promos?

    It was Sunday, around 6 pm, un San Francisco. I had 23 trips left to get the weekend promo. I would normally complete 23 before 1 am but something weird happened that Sunday: It seemed like 90% of the trips I was getting were long trips. They were long enough that they could extend to an hour...
  9. Philipptim

    Average Payout

    I just finished my 2nd weekend driving for Uber and Lyft. Lyft didn't work out well for me, but on Friday and Saturday night between 6pm-12pm, I am averaging $130. Is that about right for most drivers? I read some posts, people make $400-$700 in 1 weekend... Am I doing something wrong? How can I...
  10. Mista T

    Lousy weekend

    What a rotten weekend. Friday I picked up "Princess", a shemale prostitute, on about 82nd and Foster. Headed to Wilsonville. As we take exit 283 the ride cancels. WTF!!! Princess claims it was someone else who ordered the ride. Dropped her azz off at the (closed) Burger King a left her there. I...
  11. J

    Comic Con

    Hello all, This will be my first year working during comic con. I hear everyone talking about how it's the best time to work. What is to be expected? It seems to me that it will just be awful traffic anywhere downtown. Does it surge consistently from Thursday-Sunday everywhere in the city...
  12. H

    What time on Friday and Saturdays..

    ..does it usually start to get busy and what time does it usually die off?
  13. ScooterBoi

    Best hours for weekend day work?

    Hi Uberfolk. Was just wondering if working daylight hours on weekends is worth it? I'd love to know what people think. Thanks.
  14. Uruber

    On a Friday??

    I do not remember one single Friday since I started driving for Uber were the boost was only 1 hour (3 to 4 PM) during the whole evening and night, and such a juice boost too lol 1.2X. Wow and Saturday and Sunday it's all day 1.1X, well Sunday I was already out because father's day, but for...
  15. nostrils

    Memorial weekend DUI checkpoints

    Tonight from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m., a checkpoint will be running on Figueroa Street at Meridian Street in Highland Park. Tonight from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m., the Los Angeles Police Department will be operating a DUI checkpoint on Vermont Avenue and Sixth Street in Koreatown. Tonight from 8 p.m to 1 a.m...
  16. YouAreAnRBK

    Average weekend pay?

    I am a prospective driver. I am wondering what everyone else averages on friday and saturday nights (as those would be the times I could drive the most). I realize that everyone has different mile and minute rates, however I figured it might not hurt to ask anyways.
  17. MisterPuddin

    Hello, New Uber Rider Here (I have two questions)

    Hello, New Uber Rider Here (I didn't know where to post this) I currently live in Waukegan, IL and I'm going to Schaumburg, IL for Easter Weekend. I have two questions for Uber drivers is as a new Uber rider; Question 1: Does an uber driver travel from Suburb to Suburb no matter what distance...
  18. Slat90

    How would Saturday be after this St patt?

    Got huge stomach aches and I skipped the st. Patrick's Day for obvious reasons. Don't want any throw up on my car but today I'm feeling sick and wondering if it would be good anyway
  19. CaliforniaRideSharing139

    Christmas Weekend

    Does anyone plan to Drive Christmas weekend in the inland empire?
  20. Pickasso

    Relief driver wanted for weekend of 20th - 22nd October 2016

    Hi good people, I'm going away for the weekend and looking for a responsible relief driver. Please contact me at 976zero5zero84 for more details. I live in Clementi. Thanks for reading this and have a great week ahead.