weekend driving away from home

  1. CvilleUber

    Worth it to travel in for Weekend work only?

    I live in Charlottesville - and make decent money, but that's just part-time late evening hours Th-Sat. Usually 20-30 hours for around $21/hr (before gas, etc) Would it be worth it to drive up to Arlington? Work Friday afternoon, sleep in the car, then work all day Saturday (and late night)? I...
  2. lagarto

    place to lay down for a nap

    This 4th of july weekend, Uber has us all going up to Tahoe. But I don't know anyone in Tahoe, so I was thinking how nice it would be if drivers could network here for places to sleep for free....I'm talking no frills, a couch, a floor, maybe access to a shower, but really just a place to lay...