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  1. B

    Former driver gave me Naperville/West Chicago,IL Uber Advice is he right?

    Hi, so I have been driving for Uber/Lyft for about 7 months now. I work 5 days a week Tuesday-Saturday 8 Hours a day. Weekdays 3pm-11pm and weekends 8pm-4am. On my weekdays I always make $160 and weekends I’ll get $200. Aka $880 a week not counting promotions because I wouldn’t always earn them...
  2. Clayx

    What hours do you work on weekdays?(Fulltimers)

    Hey guys, I was interested in your opinions on what times are best to work throughout the week?
  3. Zeeeeee

    (I'm New)-Any advice about where to earn on weekdays?

    I've only been out there for 5 or 6 regular (not a holiday) weekdays and with the exception of a couple of airport rides it seems really hard to earn during the day, during the week. Any advice?
  4. RebelYell

    Help! Where’s the weekday morning Ea$t Bay money?

    Hi, I’m new to this, and glad to be here. I live in Alameda, try to drive 1-4 times on weekday mornings, hoping to stay in Alameda/Oakland/Berkeley area. I’m having a very difficult time finding rides- I hang out at BART stations (among other places: Temescal, downtown Oakland) - Rockridge...
  5. B

    Best places on week days AND nights

    I'm still new a trying to find the best places to go and I prefer nights and mornings. So my question is where is the best places to go during the weeks days late at night into early morning. For example right now it's 1:49 am on Friday morning, so it's late thursday/early Friday. Where's the...
  6. D


    HELLO! I am deciding whether or not I want to be an Uber driver in Houston...Only thing is I can really only work Mon/Wedn/Fri/Sun....will I make money or nah?...