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  1. MillennialOnTheRun

    Weekday commuters - advice

    Hey madtown! I'm 30 down in 2 weekends and still above water. I want to delve into weekday mornings but... What's are some good places to be around? I commute from Janesville to West Side Madison for work. Where should I avoid? How can I help make sure I'm at work by 8am? If you were...
  2. P

    Weekday driving

    Hello. I have been driving for a while and enjoying the forum a great deal. I am NOT asking for places and hot spots. I'm only asking this: I am a teacher and was thinking of driving during the weekdays during the summer as compared to the weekends now. My question is, is there enough action...
  3. cin90

    Who's working tonight? What are your typical rides/hours M-F?

    Do you seek out and work the hot spots? I generally stay local M-F. Not much goes down here in the 'burbs but local rides for the most part. Occasionally someone may want a ride to Pasadena or Fullerton and I'll work there for a time but I generally don't go out to the hot spots unless a...