1. Lissetti

    What's the meaning behind your avatar

    Why did you chose your current or even past avatars? What is it about that image that speaks to you and reflects how you want to identity to others here? I have almost always used Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) from The Fast And The Furious movie franchise. The reason being is Letty became part...
  2. DollarFree

    New & Improved UP

    It’s not going to change whatever we say, these “improved” websites give the techies cheap thrills ‘cos they all look the same, but anyway...
  3. rr0724

    "ubersupportcenter dot info" scam

    This is my first post here, so I apologize in advance if I did something wrong. So this is just a heads-up to all my fellow uber drivers and the story behind it. It happened on a Saturday, and I accepted a ride somewhere in Tustin. I was about to pick up the rider, until the guy who ordered an...
  4. bigjm4n

    m*uber*com is not for ordering rides

    Uber claims that m*uber*com is their website in which you can order a uber at home if you do not have a smartphone with you. This is a lie and I know because I have tried several times to order and uber to work, parties, etc. and the same exact thing pops up : "There was an error processing your...
  5. repairmatch

    An app that makes finding a good mechanic easy—introducing to the GTA

    Hello UberPeople Toronto! Our idea came from the fact that finding good car service can be a real pain sometimes. So we built an online service to help tackle the problem. This January, RepairMatch was born. You tell us your service needs, and we find the best mechanic for it at a fixed, fair...
  6. Highly_Recommended

    Pick up areas on the website mostly incorrect

    Has anyone else noticed that most of the information about pickup areas on the official website mostly has incorrect information? Anyone else find this utterly disturbing?
  7. rararararara

    The most @@@@@@ed ap and website anywhere ever.

    I tried to use Uber for the first time today and what a joke. I know everyone on this forum has invested the learning curve time to figure it out... but from experience an amateur, illogical and clunky unusable app reflects an amateur and possible criminal organization who I don't trust. I...