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  1. Risab1981

    Snow Sunday/Monday?

    "Highs could drop as low as the upper 30s by the beginning of next week along with some lower snow levels. We’ll keep you posted on that." Bring it!
  2. N

    Uber Pax Wait Times Increasing

    This morning, Tuesday January 29th, the freezing temps should invoke surge. I have been watching the map all morning and basically nothing. East Cleveland has shown no surge for the entire morning thus far, Euclid shows no surges thus far, and this is considering the temps and that these areas...
  3. N

    CLE weather and surge

    This morning, Friday, I went online for a couple hours. There was barely any surge showing in Cleveland or the eastern suburbs on Uber when during the morning snowstorm and extreme cold temperatures. I picked up a woman with Lyft in Wickliffe and she said that the wait for a driver was so long...
  4. DrinkSoda

    Weather, earnings, and demand

    Some people might not care at all about the weather. But if you care about your earnings and when to or not to drive you might care about it. So it looks like after a few “good” winters of rather mild temps and little snow, it appears both shoes are dropping in a big way and we are returning...
  5. jenijazz

    Heads Up: Atmospheric River Weds

    Bay Area to be drenched. Be safe.
  6. pizza guy

    Dirty rain?

    Anybody else notice all the dirty cars today? Glad I didn't get mine washed. That rain was actually mud because of all the dust from plowing the fields. Car washes probably made a fortune today.
  7. Uber7654

    Hot as hell today

    anyone having a good day? The map looks mostly white. By the surge this morning I thought it would be like that all day.
  8. Gone_in_60_seconds

    Should I drive on Saturday and Sunday as the weather is bad?

    Hello Community. Would like your thoughts on whether one should drive with the snowy conditions? The car would be moving a lot slower in the snow, so I would much less efficient in picking up fares and much slower in transporting the pax. Should I wait until some kind of boost/surge/power...
  9. GetShorty

    Careful Driving Friday - Saturday *Weather Warning*

    Apparently that rain is going to turn into snow and then everything is going to freeze when it goes down to -15c tonight so its going to be a skating rink outside of the downtown where they're not salting 24/7 Be careful out there, drive safely and leave enough room to brake for a slide.
  10. Canteev

    Anyone working in this rain?

    I'll head out because I hate wasting my destination filters on Fridays and Saturdays, but I probably won't drive anywhere too far.
  11. TwinCitiesDriver

    Up to 17 inches of snow predicted by Friday night, likely the largest snowfall in years

    "The metro could see 3 to 7 inches of snow accumulation on Thursday night alone, according to a National Weather Service forecast. The snow won’t let up on Friday with another 3 to 7 inches possible during the day, and an additional 1 to 3 inches in the evening." More...
  12. LG

    snow boost

    so it's worth it to drive in this beautiful weather?
  13. ubereverywhereprerolls

    no base fare, no line, no pool

    For the love of god don't drive for the base fare today. Yeah, its surging a little but it use to surge every Saturday for no reason. This is accident prone weather. It's slippery and dangerous. There will be a lot of petty rides from people who wanna get to their location in your warm car. Make...
  14. RGV

    [LA/OC] Flex vs. weather

    I just watched the news earlier, and the meteorologist on NBC4 said there's big chance of heavy rain on this Friday around 8~9AM. Since I will be Flexing around that hour, I wonder is there anything that i can do to keep myself dry and effectively deliver packages as the same time? Raincoat...
  15. JSM0713

    South Florida Drivers - Please post road updates on this thread.....

    There seems little doubt we're going to get hit with this storm. Some storms have big reputations and turn out to be nothing. Other storms sneak up on us quietly and pack a big punch to the region. Rather than have us post on several different threads about road conditions during this storm...
  16. dabossman212

    Hot weather

    Extremely hot weather be careful out there. The weather is so damn hot that my AC never stops running. As a result now it doesn't work at all. I can't wait to see the bill for the AC repair! #FML
  17. BradSussmanInsurance

    Are you prepared?

    Today is National Severe Weather Prepare-a-thon day. It's a wise idea for everyone to make a plan on what to do if severe weather occurs. (As a long-time meteorologist-turned-insurance-guy, it's my nature to pass this along.) As a driver, have you ever thought ahead as to what you would do in...
  18. Wyreless


    SNOW? NOW? Could be! NWS is forecasting a snow producing event starting Sat eve thru Sunday. Accumulations are possible, see chart below. Mainly the ground surface temperatures will decide what and how much we get. But BE READY!! Maybe we can make some legitimate money? Of course be ready for...
  19. Lyft_94110

    Rain forecast for 11 of 12 next days, starting Wednesday Jan. 13

    Get ready to make some money -- and drive carefully!