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waze gps apple map

  1. MobileAppResearcher

    Research Participants Needed - I need your expert opinion on navigation apps

    Hello! I am a user researcher who studies how people use mobile navigation apps. I'm based in oakland, but will be in SF next week and would love to interview some professional drivers who have used Waze, Google Maps, Apple Maps, HERE, Mapquest, or similar while driving professionally. I...
  2. 1scottyj

    Waze is competing to put drivers out of work.

    Thanks Waze.. for nothing. I knew I didn't like Waze. Uses all that driving info to hook passengers up with each other. Why use Uber & Lyft? Just hook up with ur neighbor and carpool instead based on ur Waze route. Don't use Waze as a driver.. Never liked it. Really don't Now. Sneaky bastards.
  3. yfbsofla

    Bad GPS

    Advice on driving in Miami in bad weather when GPS goes bad. Severe thunderstorms plagued us all weekend. As a result, GPS, Waze in particular, was spotty at best and sent me to wrong pickup and drop off locations often. (Apple Map saved me in all these situations, but Uber does not use it)...