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  1. Subrovnik

    How to Stay Hydrated When Driving All Day?

    I was reading this article about healthy eating for uber drivers and I do agree with most of it but the suggestion to drink a lot of water throughout the day to stay hydrated is completely impractical. Finding accessible toilets in London is so time-consuming and if not impossible, and I don't...
  2. Gone_in_60_seconds

    What to do when nature calls? If you're a taxi driver, just do it in public.

    Beck Taxi driver caught urinating in a water bottle while stuck in traffic. Have you ever had to hold your bladder so bad, that you needed to urinate in a Tim Horton's or McDonald's coffee cup? Please share any tips. My personal favorite would be to get some adult diapers called "depends"...
  3. KleverK

    Riders take a water but leave no tip!

    I have made small waters available for passengers since I started nearly 9 months ago. I have received fewer than a dozen tips and never from a passenger who took a water. Am I a fool to think offering more than bare minimum should earn me a tip? Should I stop being generous or label my waters...
  4. G

    Rider rating

    Why would any driver rate the rider 5 stars for a trip when they know the rider doesn't give drivers 5 stars ? If drivers are not giving out free bottles of water or mints or provide mobile charging cables or aux connectivity, you will definitely not be getting 5 stars from the rider. So why...
  5. Jack Malarkey

    ACT Container Deposit Scheme launches on Saturday 30 June 2018

    The ACT Container Deposit Scheme launches on Saturday 30 June 2018. This scheme will affect those rideshare drivers who offer bottled water to their riders. From 30 June, Canberrans can return eligible containers, including cans and bottles, to receive a refund of 10 cents per container. To...
  6. MadTownUberD

    Poll: Do you fast while driving?

    Sup, y'all! Madtown, back again!!! I had a great day driving in Cream City (Milwaukee) yesterday and I am again pondering the topic of eating and drinking during a Rideshare "shift". I find that I get annoyed if I have to stop to go to the bathroom because I might miss something. Could be...
  7. Frank Underwood

    Chilled water, mints, steamed towels, aux chord?

    I need to take an UberPool from Union Square to Riverdale, Friday morning. Can I expect these amenities with my fare?
  8. SuperuberSFL

    Left says water & candy, again !!!

    We give out candy ? And water ? How about you idiots raise the rates to a fair level ( instead of a bus fare) so we can afford to buy it ????? People you put in our cars for the price have no business being in our nice, clean, late model cars. They belong on a city bus for a city bus price...
  9. QLDUberDriver

    This smells like a paid ad by Uber to mitigate the recent driver assaults.

    Apart from sending in the biggest boob who leaves his baby seats in the car for an inspection, he also makes a point about having colour blindness. All this equates to Uber having a thorough system to ensure drivers are of "high standard" It reads like a paid article but the part that disturbed...
  10. Dan Smith

    Offering mints and water with upcoming tipping option?

    I might have to up my customer service game with the upcoming tipping option. Thinking about offering mints and water... Any thoughts?
  11. TheLastMileDriver

    What should I provide to passengers?

    Hi everyone!! I've seen a lot of mixed responses and advice on what you should have in your car to get increased tips and top ratings. I was thinking of doing a couple of different things but wanted to get all of your advice and opinions before I commit. Top things I've seen/heard about: 1)...
  12. Jack Malarkey

    Container deposit scheme in ACT from early 2018

    A container deposit scheme will be introduced in the ACT from early 2018. The deposit is likely to be 10 cents a container. See https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/amp.canberratimes.com.au/act-news/canberrans-can-soon-cash-in-their-cans-with-container-deposit-scheme-on-the-way-20170529-gwf8ty.html...
  13. RUSSREED2.0

    So THIS HAPPENED LAST night lol

    Shall, I fight Uber over this, or let it go lol... hahaha. Stay hydrated out there, its going to be a MEAN ONE today!
  14. Jack Malarkey

    Impact of container deposit scheme

    South Australia has had a container deposit scheme in place for many years. Other states will be introducing a similar scheme soon: see https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Container_deposit_legislation_in_Australia. For those drivers in Adelaide who offer bottled water to passengers, what impact...
  15. BurgerTiime

    Drone captures driver caught by rising tides

  16. pista05

    Amazing Deal for Toronto Uber Drivers

    This week at Foodland Ontario there is a sale on Sparkling Water, Mike from the Adelaide office told me to increase ratings its best I offer UberPool riders complimentary Sparkling Water. $4.99 for 12 355ml cans of Dasani's Finest for Toronto's Finest Riders. http://imgur.com/7tTnOzi
  17. FUberman

    Bottled water?

    Does anyone still give bottled water to their passengers? I used to store small 4 oz bottled waters in the back seat for passengers and offered till I stopped driving at the end of winter. I'll be taking another crack at this TNC starting Friday so I'd like some feedback if others are...
  18. Believe33

    Like it or not ! My car my rules.

    Hey guys for those of you who are just trolling through reading some of the forms I just wanted to add this" like it or not" my car my rules. First I got hired on Uber and Lyft I arrived with two cars one brand-new Toyota Prius and a used Toyota Prius that I earned on my own before I began...
  19. living_the_dream

    Keeping water cool on hot days

    I live in a warm climate where water bottles warm up very quickly sitting in my car. I've been using a cooler with ice packs in the back to keep them cold but this often gets in the way, especially if the pax needs to haul luggage. Is there a more minimal option? I am also finding one of the...
  20. S

    Lyft driver driving a Tahoe

    There is a guy with a Tahoe driving around mostly by flamingo/Cromwell hotel snatching riders from other drivers.this guy is offering so called free ride and specially praying on strip club rides.had one of my buddies telling me this yersterday they were waiting for uber rise this guy...