washington dc

  1. waker81

    UberDMV Trivia Part II

    True or False - Uber just moved into a new 200,000 sf. data center in Ashburn for all of their computing requirements east of the Mississippi River. True of False - Uber vehicles are prohibited from picking up or dropping off passengers at CIA Langley HQ on 123 Dolley Madison Blvd. Which street...
  2. DooDooDylan

    New driver, HELP!

    Hey guys, so I'm new to Uber and I've got some questions. I live in Manassas, Va and haven't gotten anything out here. I've driven to Ashburn and Dulles airport and nothing either (now these are all around 5-7pm while waiting for an hour in each area and still nothing). Now this is still my...
  3. S

    New uber rider in Crofton MD

    are there usually uber drivers early in the morning like around 6:30am? I have to catch the megabus in DC and I live in Crofton in the first week of December and have no other way to get there. Thanks!
  4. Bree

    New DC Uber Driver and Rating already dropped!!

    Hey guys, I have been driving Uber for 2 days in DC and I thought it was going ok until I saw my rating drop from 5 to 4 stars. I just started so I dont want to get deactivated, but I dont know what Im doing wrong so how am I supposed to fix it. Thinking it's the Pax in the area. Nervous about...
  5. DC_Ride_Share_Driver_too

    Pope visits! Uber Tricks

    Drivers! This is a perfect example regarding the amount of respect Uber has for the drivers. I woke up this morning and began driving at 4:00am, there were some good surges, then around 6am, Fuber turned surges off. With so many people in a concentrated area there should be at least a few...