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  1. E

    Walmart will deploy SD vehicles to deliver groceries to customers

    https://www.freightwaves.com/news/autonomous-trucking/autonomous-vans-walmart-udelv Walmart will deploy autonomous vehicles to deliver groceries for customers, according to Tom Ward, senior vice president of digital operations for the retail giant. Autonomous vehicle company Udelv is...
  2. Mista T

    Just a quick stop...

    Pax: Do you mind if we stop at Walmart really quick? I just need to grab a few things. I will be really fast, I promise. Me: No problem! Would you mind grabbing a couple things for me as well? Pax: Of course! What do you want? Me: I need shotgun shells. Oh, and anti-depressants. Pax: Uh, on...
  3. HotUberMess

    Double dinged

    First ping.. as I approached, I saw a very heavy gentleman with his belly hanging out from underneath his shirt walking towards my car. I pick him up and we go to Walmart. He wants me to wait while he cashes his paycheck. I thought he would be quick because this Walmart looked like it was...
  4. BurgerTiime

    Walmart ends grocery partnership with Uber

  5. Kawiz03

    Stupid Scheduled Trips

    What is it with these people who schedule trips just to go up the block like seriously if you are going to schedule a ride make it worth my time and at least guarantee it since all the ones I've ever gotten where based on me being nearby anyway
  6. GastonGasser

    GoBank + Wal-Mart = Nightmare!!!

    This is my first time posting on this site so I'll try to be as brief as possible. I've been using Uber gobank for around 5 months. I always see them advertising "go to Walmart if you ever need to load money onto your card". About a month-and-a-half ago that's exactly what I did. Walmart out in...
  7. amyuber46

    Dallas Walmarts Deliver Groceries w/ Uber

    Announced on Fox4 this morning and in Dallas Morning News article last night... $9.95 Uber fee added to grocery total. Same day delivery for orders placed by 1pm. Unable to insert link to Dallas Morning News article because I'm a new user...
  8. L

    Walmart robbed near Tropicana and McLeod, Armed robbers on the loose

    I recieved what I consider to be an inappropriate PM from LAuberX on August 9, 2017. Because of that PM, this comment is currently under edit. The owner of uberpeople.net should be aware of this over-reach from LAuberX, as this edit of my content contribution is the direct result of the PM I...
  9. Maven

    Water Bottles

    What is the cheapest source of water bottles? I give out water bottles to PAX, but nothing else. That way PAX feel they are getting something for free without driving myself crazy by constantly re-stocking candy, gum. etc. Even though most PAX politely refuse, I feel they appreciate my offering...
  10. MikesUber

    Walmart Groceries, Now Delivered at Uber speed

  11. D


    Does anybody use a Walmart money card for instant pay?
  12. Rakos

    Walmart rides...would you wait?lesl

    OK...here's a good one... two older guys call for an Uber ride on X...I do X and XL they go about 2 miles to the nearest Walmart at 12:30 midnight...$3.00 as soon as we arrive they ask me can I wait...duh I immediately say NO so that I can continue to make money... they seemed surprised...
  13. FUberman

    Amazon vs. Walmart (using Uber/Lyft)

    https://www.thestreet.com/story/13596203/1/walmart-uber-and-lyft-partnership-another-step-in-improving-online-efforts.html **Walmart and Uber/Lyft are one and the same: one has cheap items and the other has cheap passengers.
  14. chi1cabby

    Uber will pay extra to scoop up thousands of laid-off Walmart workers