1. L

    Background Check Waitlisted

    Has anyone had a problem with the new annual background checks? First, I sat for 3 hours on Tuesday and never got 1 ride. This is very rare. I finally said to hell with it and went back home. I’m checking my email later that day and I have a message from UBER that Checkr.com has been trying...
  2. CheerMom18

    “Bug Messing With Background Check Status”

    Has anyone been waitlisted in the last day or two because your background check is “complete but under review”? It has literally only been 7 days since I was approved to drive but I was logging out of my last ride last night in WeHo and decided to log back in to see if I could catch a PAX on my...
  3. Tino1224

    St. Louis

    Anyone know if they’re accepting new drivers or how long the wait list in St. Louis? Thanks
  4. Nakamichiping

    Waitlisted After Moving from Houston to Jersey

    I did 18 hrs in 4 days, a few here, and a few there. No big issues. Then on day 5 I comeback from private place and app shows status of “Waitlisted” on website since I app had a “contact support message”. Drove in Houston for almost a month, never did that $40 background thing. Uber okayed for...
  5. V@l

    Waitlisted... what's the procedures?

    Hi all. A good friend of mine that I recommend it to uber got a Waitlisted on his account. He probably done to 200 to 250 jobs so far I understand that he had few bad feedbacks in the past. Does anyone had this problem obviously he contact uber and he's waiting for an answer but I just...
  6. afg209

    Deactivated because...

    LOL so long story short, after dropping off a pax, i was heading home on a dark countryside road when all of a sudden a raccoon jumps in the middle of the street and gets knocked out by my passanger side part of my front bumper. I got home and checked out the damage and found that my right fog...
  7. U

    Help - Acct says Waitlisted & locked out

    account asked for identity verification, I provided but it said it didn't match and locked me out just after 1AM on the west coast. no response thru a few contacts to this point. anyone know what's going on/have something similar?
  8. DieHard

    Girlfriends Account Got Waitlisted...

    It's strange how it happened.. She was driving for about 3 weeks prior while being active. She went to log in last Friday and it said to contact support. Her dashboard says waitlisted. Checkr said there's no report on her record... However UBER says they were waiting on her background check...
  9. James Worley

    Waitlisted with no warning

    Early this morning my account wss waitlisted without warning and my Help requests and email has gone unrecognized. I have been driving over a month now and have over 300 5 star ratings along with many positive comments. I keep my vehicle clean and treat everyone with professionalism &...
  10. S

    Account Waitlisted

    I had sign up for Uber on September 30th and did my vehicle inspection on October 10th. Since then my account was up but needed attention. I had check my profile on the mobile site and notice that it said "Waitlisted". I had email them and they tell me to hang tight as Rasier make a decision...
  11. U

    I have been waitlisted!

    I have been driving on the uber platform for a year now and have not really had any issues with passengers much, except for a couple of incidents where I had to claim for cleaning. I've also had good feedback from riders and also have been in the top 1%. I'm mostly a full time driver but for...
  12. UberXking

    Today marks the 36th day of my background check that is still in progress

    Well I estimated that Uber would take till after the super bowl to get my background check done. The waitlisting began on 1/18. Figured I'd be out 3 weeks and wondered how Uber expected drivers to be able to absorb the reality of having no income for nearly a month. Now it's Feb. 23rd and...
  13. chi1cabby

    Uber may Re-activate Waitlisted or Deactivated Accounts at Higher Commission

    Steve Gee is a San Francisco Driver who was onboarded at 20% commission before Uber_SF rolled out 25% Commission for New Drivers. https://m.facebook.com/groups/726773547343265?view=permalink&id=1027944293892854&comment_id=1028211657199451&notif_t=group_comment&ref=m_notif