waiting areas

  1. MoneyMitch

    App/Network Issues

    Hey guys, just curious: what do you do if you experience any network/app issues in high cell phone usage areas (such as an airport waiting lot or a popular sports venue)? For me, I have Verizon and even in spots where there is full cell coverage I still have trip/network issues after...
  2. Stars28

    DFW Protocol

    Yesterday, in the waiting lot on the north side by the humongous American flag, there was a DFW police officer moving people along from parking along the white fence. He was also scanning DFW permits. I know this is a fire lane, but lots of people park here. Can you get a ticket for this...
  3. N

    Where is the lot to wait for pick ups at the SF Airport?

    ok I could not find anyone in queue South Airport BLVD it's showing 135 cars waiting. But I don't see anybody out here. Where Is everyone????
  4. Danielle2459

    Th waiting lot @Airport....

    Let me guess... is the cell phone waiting lot the area where is Uber drivers are to wait while @the airport? Here's a picture...
  5. ub3r1can

    Port of Miami & Port Everglades Waiting Areas for Pickup Requests

    The airports have the geo-zones for FIFO Queue but not the ports. Also, only Port Everglades seems to be blocked while in the property but not PoM. Where are best areas to wait for requests at both ports? And can you get a request while in PoM area? I searched this forum without finding any...