wage theft

  1. SCdave

    "Wage Theft by Employers" - Uber/Lyft Parallels?

    Here's an article from SoCal Connected re Wage Theft by Employers. Hmmmm... Which L.A. Employers Are Accused of Stealing Paychecks? Lata Pandya Marie Targonski-O’Brien February 6, 2018...
  2. B

    You really want to see this! Upfront Pricing broken down

    i was really bored tonight and decided to take the spread sheet i keep and break it down a little for my own knowledge of how much uber actually takes from the total ride amount. I had long suspected it was 60%+ well my suspicions are confirmed :( on average the company takes a little over 50%...
  3. B

    Lyft works to withhold cancellation fees

    I have noticed that they have a very clear strategy. Please read this carefully as it will save you money and time as well as make sure Lyft doesn't hold onto our commission free payments. It will also probably help bump your rating up a few points when you get rid of those driver cancellations...
  4. DrivenToDistraction

    Über Screwing Me Out Of Thirty Dollars

    This past weekend Uber Chicago offered an incentive, as they have done every weekend recently. This weekend if you completed 25 rides between Friday morning and the end of the pay period Sunday you got a bonus of $30.00. In past weeks the requirement was 20 rides, with the bonus ranging from...