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  1. Fireguy50

    My worst Uber vomit cleaning (gross) with video

    $150 isn't enough for this, I'll be getting quotes for it running under the seat and a professional cleaning!
  2. Sure

    Just saw a poor Uber driver

    With 2 girls in the back and one in the front sitting at the red light at LaSalle and Ontario. The girl in the back passengers seat was throwing up outside the window, going all the way down the side of the car. She didn't even open the door. At least it wasn't in the car, but still sucks. 3 in...
  3. UberIowa15

    Vomiting or unruly passengers impacting ratings

    Many drivers obsess too much about ratings, but there clearly becomes a point—4.6 in most markets, including Des Moines—where a low rating can impact your ability to use the platform, and some passengers cancel on drivers with a 4.7 or lower. Unlike Lyft, which I've seen threads indicating a...
  4. Rammmmin

    Pax vomited inside and outside my car

    Someone before here said how his brand new car was decorated by shrimp taco all over his car , this happened to me last night and shrimp taco was all over backseat and outside and fffing got in to dip in every corner of car which i had to get shrp sticks or by my finger to pulling them out ,i...