1. Lissetti

    Radio Station "Loser Line" Plays Audio of Pax Confession

    So when I'm driving to work most mornings, one thing I love to listen to is a segment on my local radio station Movin 92.5 called the Loser Line. The Loser Line is defined as: "When CREEPERS hit on you, at the club or even at your family reunion, don’t give them your REAL PHONE NUMBER… give...
  2. N

    Vomit on the rise.

    Someone vomited in my car last night, all on the side and a little inside, for me to clean. Week before, someone puked all over them sleeves leaving a nice trail for me to clean. 2 weeks before that, driving lyft, vomit. Vomit, vomit, vomit. It’s every other week now. I now hug the right lane...
  3. doyousensehumor

    Mill Ave is open--get that money, bruhs

    Yeah, I know you guys will be psyched up to hear this. MILL Ave is open! Now new and improved; with railroad tracks running up the northbound lane. With ASU coming back right now, you too can make all that life-changing money! Rides going to and from MILL, and most pax just became unsupervised...
  4. K

    St. Patrick's Day Vomit

    I picked up two college age girls from a bar last night. They did not seem drunk and we drove about a mile before both of them needed to vomit. I pulled over and they opened the door and vomited. I thought about cancelling the ride and kicking them out of the car, but I was concerned about...
  5. Jerseyguy72

    Anyone lucky enough to get a $150 bonus last night?

    I drove the Asbury area most of the night and I was shocked that none of my pax were even drunk enough to get me nervous of having a puker. I got lucky I guess.
  6. G

    The hallmark of a troublemaker

    Unless ride share companies include a punitive element in their cleaning fees for puke or vomit, many drivers will simply choose not to drive at night or pick up troublemakers. Charging $150-200 is not enough for a proper clean up or an adequate compensation to the driver. Riders and their...
  7. TXUbering

    So.... I made the brotherhood....

    As they say, there are 2 types of Uber drivers out there, ones that have had someone throw up in their car, and ones that WILL have someone throw up in their car. I am now in the former, and not the latter, unfortunately. The warning signs were there. Picked up 4 @@@@@@-nozzles that were at...
  8. Nazmul

    Vomited on car

    ×please can anyone advise on this matter. As this happened to me first-time I gave customer 5star lol. he was alright with positive behaviour but adter his getting ofg his friend totally massed my car couldn't leave the guy on road too drunk taken him to destation. Taken pictures but sad...
  9. johnydynamic

    I seriously hate drunks!

    Just got puked on and my car puked in. Then was threatened by the drunken puke covered a-hole. My radar went off when they got in. Had pepper spray in my hand and ready to go. Didn’t have to use it. I’ve been driving weekend nights for 2 years. Word to the uninitiated: bad stuff happens at...
  10. Marco Solo

    Vomit fraud in the news

  11. Osaka88

    Help; pax vomited!

    Guys, just had my first pax vomit What do I do, where do I start?! I got photos of everything but now what, where can I get i cleaned, what do I do as a first response?!
  12. Halfmybrain

    Gee Whiz another partial puke

    Rider needed fresh air. Just dry heaved. I handed him one of the bags I carry. He's the first rider who actually needed it. Seemed like he was mostly being cautious, he wasn't spewing....until he was. I actually made things worse by handing him a bunch of kleenexes, because he took one hand off...
  13. Cou-ber

    Uber Driver Gregory w/fake vomit pix

    So my daughter went to a club in West Hollywood and in the early morning hours of 5/5 she and her friends jumped in an Uber to return to their downtown LA Airbnb. Girlfriend was drunk and within minutes had the Uber pull over for her to puke for 20 minutes. Girl never yakked in the car and my...
  14. Zdriver19


    Having a passenger piss or puke in your car is one traumatizing experience for any ride share driver. How do you guys cope with such smelly and revolting act?
  15. IDriveGNV

    What have you been getting for cleaning fees lately?

    On St Patty's day this year, I was surprised to get only $80 for the same damage that last year paid $150. In this case, the puker got the outside of the door, the inside, and also down into the window where it meets the door. Photos were clear. Last year I was paid a $40 cleaning fee for...
  16. Alloverthemap

    Who Ya Gonna Call? PukeBusters?

    Alright, I guess I should consider myself lucky. Well, not tonight, but the other 200 or so days this didn't happen since driving for Uber. Now the questions are, how to take care of it and what to expect by way of compensation from the home office. I know it's probably elsewhere on the site...
  17. PTUber

    First $150

    Picked up 2 gals and a guy in NE Mpls on Sunday around 1:30 a.m. heading home to Uptown. The gal who requested the ride is in the front seat. Driving down Broadway I hear the unmistakable urping. The guy says you may have to pull over I said there are bags in the seat pocket in front of you. She...
  18. Rj312

    Popped my puker cherry

    I got laid off my 9-5 and have been ubering a ton more lately. Been doing nights a lot more especially. I thought i had it all figured out after 1300 rides: I try to avoid bar areas, am quick to cancel if pax can’t stand on his/her own or walk properly to my vehicle, and I have kicked a few...
  19. dfw_driver

    Little investment paid off

    A little investment made a year ago paid off big time today. Guys, do not leave your house without these. My car would have been a pool of vomit if I did not have these today.
  20. Mista T

    Lousy weekend

    What a rotten weekend. Friday I picked up "Princess", a shemale prostitute, on about 82nd and Foster. Headed to Wilsonville. As we take exit 283 the ride cancels. WTF!!! Princess claims it was someone else who ordered the ride. Dropped her azz off at the (closed) Burger King a left her there. I...