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  1. Uber's Guber

    How do I adjust volume independently between Pandora and Uber Navigation?

    I can’t hear the navigational turn by turn instructions when operating the Pandora app that’s offered on the Uber navigation app. The loudness of the music overpowers the voice commands. I’m using an iPhone 6. Is there a way to adjust the two volumes independently of each other?
  2. Maderacopy

    I'm looking for best days and times to drive throughout the year. PLEASE SHARE YOUR BUSIEST DAY.

    PLEASE SHARE YOUR BUSIEST DAY AND WHY. Thank you! Has UBER or Lyft published anything relating to the highest volume days and times throughout the year? I've been a driver for about a month now and I think it would be in both companies best interest to let us know this info. They will have...