1. UberLondonGuy

    PCO Licence Application completed

    Posted my PCO Application last Wednesday 15th August 2018. Visited the Uber Office Monday 20th to attend the Uber Ignition but I didn't need to be there as I already completed my PCO Application. Got a free A-Z and was offered lessons for the Topographical Test. "I got 19 years experience as...
  2. Driving and Driven

    Casey Neistat Sightings

    So, when I know Casey Neistat is traveling and in the area...and I see a ping like the one below...I gotta think to myself...is it him? Is it him? How cool would that be? Hey, Casey! Can I be in the vlog?! :cool::D Seriously, though. Casey uses Uber quite frequently. Has anyone on here given...
  3. UberDrag Race

    Video recording and consent in Tampa.

    So I have some really great ideas for making money from this ride share adventure I go on frequently. My rides talk and have a blast I think I could have a lot of fun making this into a vlog. Keeping it SFW as possible what are the limitations with the state, county, city, and company. ..can any...