1. Chocoholic

    Can't get Uber Debit card after creating new uber account. Support no help.

    So, after driving for UberEats for 4 months, I decided to add UberX and Select to my repertoire. Went to the Santa Ana Greenlight Hub and asked to add them to my account. "Oh no, you have to open a new account and reapply." So I did, passed the background check overnight, and the problems...
  2. P

    Uber Eats Japan

    Hi everyone ! I have a student visa here in Japan and I’d like to work as a delivery partner once a week to make some money. I know that I have to fill in a form to engage in any other activity than studying but I really don’t know what to write in the Job section... Do you have any idea ? I...
  3. C

    Couple questions on uber visa debit card...

    I am considering getting the uber visa debit card, and was hoping to get a little insight from someone that has experience using the card and the instant pay feature. 1-How do you go about checking the balance on the card? Can you track your balance and purchases just like a normal checking...
  4. B

    Uber Instant Pay via Uber card not working

    I use the Uber "business debit" card issued by GoBank with the Visa logo. Generally I use it once or twice per day to instantly deposit my earnings. I avoid pushing the limit of 5 deposits per day. Today I tried to instantly deposit a small sum, under $100.00 after verifying that I hadn't done 5...
  5. Y

    To be a driver. Working Holiday visa 417

    I have a working holiday visa and a driver licence. I've been driving for more than 1 year here in Sydney. My vehicle is 2008 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport Manual. Can I be a Uber driver? and can I use my car for Uber?
  6. P

    Query regarding part time with Ubereats

    Hi folks, Ubereats recently got launched in Christchurch, NZ. Being an international student, am i permitted to work with ubereats for 20 hours/week? I will be delivering on bike and not by car. Also, how do i file my taxes being an International student? Please help
  7. AdeYeah


    I just got an O1 Visa, to work for a company. I have a Social Security Number that only allows me to work through that company, but I want to drive UBER. In a way, it´s not legal, but UBER does not care for that, as long as I have a SSN. The issue here will be when the taxes como, inmigration...