1. Halfmybrain

    Chicago hearing for headlight out violation

    Yesterday I went to 400 W Superior for my administrative hearing after a Wrigleyville Cop ticketed me for Driving While Cyclops. I brought a receipt for the new bulb and the City Attorney dismissed the charge. There were no administrative fees. Good news. I had wanted to try my hand at riding...
  2. J

    Long-Term TLC Lawyer (Traffic Violations/Summons/Tickets)

    Hey all, I am in a search of a quality long-term TLC lawyer. I would describe my situation but it's not that bad, and I have a 100% clean driving record otherwise so I'm confident a lawyer will help me out, but as a result of my situation, I realize that it will help to have someone dependable...
  3. BurgerTiime

    The FTC has been called upon to investigate Uber's privacy fingerprinting violations Things just keep getting worse and worse for Uber practically on a daily basis. Pretty much a playbook on what not to do as...
  4. banuberx

    Uber $11:00 for 30 miles

    who can drive for $11.00 to 30 miles ?
  5. Pat K

    Uber and Checkr incompetence

    Has anyone had any problem with being approved and then getting your background re-ran and being denied? I was approved about a year ago, started driving and then about two weeks ago the put my account on hold to re-run my background. I thought nothing of it...then they came back to me and...
  6. B

    Where's the investigation?? Why's gov't in bed with this company??

    This is how it probably works: your fare will be $28.00 But in actuality, the miles and time come out to $20.00 So the driver gets $15 and Uber takes $13. This has got to be the greediest company ever. they're charging riders more than the ride would cost, yet the driver is only getting 25...
  7. Cowboyup

    Ratings: Rider feedback (WTF)

    So last night only seven trips, my last ride picked up two nice ladies at restaurant and drop one female off then took the account holder to her final destination. No issues, pleasant. Other than the ladies were discussing amongst themselves how to split fare. Account holder said she's got it...
  8. S

    I received a notice of violation of $ 4,040.00 for not displaying the airport sign

    Hi everyone! I'm very new here. I'd appreciate any help from you guys ! Here is my story: I was waiting at the Midway Airport when a guy came to my car and asked me if i'm an uber driver, I said Yes ! He said he is from City of Chicago and he wants to see all the signs i have on my car. So I...
  9. Trying in Norfolk

    Clarification from Uber on Passenger overloadp

    I final,y got cliff cation on when riders want to overload your cars capacity. "Currently the policy on passenger capacity is based on local laws in the partnered city and the insurance requirements in the given area. Currently in the Hampton Roads area the local law does state that passenger...
  10. A

    Introducing myself, I got denied by Uber

    Firstly, I'd like to introduce myself. I'm Marcelino, but call me Marc as my nickname. I'm turning 22 years old soon. I'm working 2 jobs at Chick-Fil-A and Red Lobster. Taking some educations. My hobby is computing. Secondly, I always wanted to work Uber, but I almost never able to do it...