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video camera

  1. 4for4ber

    Uber Support / Videos to clear false accusations

    I’m new to this forum so go easy. Has anyone tried sending videos to Uber to clear false accusations? Sorry in advance for being long winded. I have to be detailed explaining everything so you could understand what I did and why and what I may want to do moving forward. Last weekend around 7pm...
  2. Gazza1980

    Using camera’s in La

    whats the scoop for recording passengers in and around LA? I know it’s a good idea for safety reasons but do I have to ask every pax for approval first? Seems insane
  3. UberwithStuber

    Dash camera, 2 way recorder

    With all the shenagins going on with sexual harrasment, and driver abuse of pax, or even pax abuse of drivers, I'm really getting concerned. What type of recording device do you use? Two way video seems to me the best protection, but I'm curious as to what other drivers use or think about this...
  4. M

    In-car video recommendation

    Hi all. Today is going to be my first day on the job. I'm pretty excited about the opportunity to make a little extra money over and above my full time job. I've read it's recommended to install in car video recorders. Should it be a dual camera or just inside facing? Any recommendations on...
  5. doobey brother

    Dash camera or voice recorder?

    Has anyone set up either a video camera or a voice recorder in their car? If so, is it even legal to record trips with your passenger? Asking because there's been some epic rides I wish I could have recorded.
  6. DashCamBros

    Do you Dash Cam?

    Hello UberPeople Forum, To all of the forum members, please allow me to make a brief introduction. My name is Kenton, and I am the co-founder of DashCam Bros, an online retailer of reliable and high quality dash cameras, located in the United States. Our main goals are to provide drivers like...
  7. hcashew

    VIDEO: Uber driver kicks drug dealers out of his car

    This occurred in Boston, but relevant to all Uber drivers.
  8. uberphotog03

    PAX attacker countersues beaten driver who filmed him for $5M

    I bet Uber won't help this driver with legal fees... http://www.cbsnews.com/news/after-attacking-uber-driver-passenger-sues-him-for-5m/